Do You Believe in Miracles? YES! DeSean Jackson's Immaculate Punt Return Ranks As the Greatest Regulation Walkoff Touchdown in NFL History

By Bryn Swartz

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DeSean Jackson, who has become used to setting records, set one on Sunday.

It has never happened before in the history of the National Football League.

No player has ever ended a game with a walkoff punt return touchdown.

And it has especially never happened after a 21-point comeback in the last eight minutes of regulation.

DeSean Jackson’s 65-yard walkoff punt return touchdown is the greatest walkoff touchdown in the history of the National Football League.

Number one. Ever.

I’m serious.

Terrell Owens’ immaculate redemption reception against the Green Bay Packers in the wild-card round of the 1998 playoffs? Three seconds left in the game.

The Music City Miracle in the 1999 wild-card round of the postseason? Three seconds.

The Immaculate Reception? Five seconds.

Bart Starr’s quarterback sneak in The Ice Bowl? 13 seconds left.

Drew Pearson’s Hail Mary reception from Roger Staubach in the 1975 playoffs? Not the game’s last play.

The Miracle at the Meadowlands? Still time.

Dwight Clark. Plaxico Burress. Brandon Stokley. Santonio Holmes… Time left in every game.

The only serious competition is The Holy Roller.

And while the Miracle at the Meadowlands Part III will never be as famous as The Holy Roller, this play didn’t stir up a lot of controversy. It won’t lead to an NFL rule change. Giants players won’t remember the Eagles as having cheated to win this game.

This one was better.

This was truly the greatest regular season walkoff touchdown in NFL history.

The Hail Mary has been done (a few times), and while they are phenomenal, a punt return is much more exciting because neither team can blame the win on luck.

Teams have tossed short touchdowns or ran for touchdowns on the game’s final play.

But nobody has ever quite reached Jackson’s level of stardom.

DeSean Jackson’s touchdown kept the Eagles in first place in the division and practically wrapped up a playoff berth. It was the latest the Eagles and Giants have ever met in the season with first place on the line.

It came after a record-setting 21-point comeback by the NFL’s most valuable player, as the Eagles became the NFL’s first team to trail by 21 in the final half of the last quarter, and win in regulation.

It was the most exciting touchdown in the career of a player who has done nothing but score exciting touchdowns.

After his career is over, I believe the Miracle at the Meadowlands III will be the signature moment in the career of DeSean Jackson.

And as of December 19, 2010, it is the greatest walkoff touchdown in the history of the NFL.

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