My Attempt at Describing My Feelings After the Greatest Regular Season Touchdown in the History of the Philadelphia Eagles

By Bryn Swartz

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I am elated. I am emotional. I am ecstatic.

I am thrilled. I am blissful. I am delighted.

I am joyous. I am merry. I am jubilant.

I am pleased. Enthusiastic. Overjoyed.

I am on cloud nine right now.

Never in my life have I seen a game like this. Never.

I said it was OVER. I didn’t think we had a CHANCE in the world.

Then we scored 21 points to tie the game.

And then DeSean Jackson let loose on what was probably the single greatest regular season play in the history of the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Miracle of the Meadowlands?

This was better.

Brian Westbrook’s punt return?

Did that play cap off a 21-point comeback? Was that a walkoff? Did that practically clinch a playoff spot?

Those two plays were incredible. They were indescribable.

But this was the FINAL PLAY OF THE GAME.

This was truly…

Number one.

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