Philadelphia Eagles Week 15 Pregame Thoughts vs New York Giants

By Bryn Swartz

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– This is the biggest game of the season. A Super Bowl team would win this game. I’m not sure if the Eagles are a Super Bowl team, and I’m not sure if we’re going to win this game. If we don’t win this game, I think our playoff chances are very much in doubt. I said a few days ago that the loser will miss the postseason. I still think that.

– I am very nervous about the health of Michael Vick. So nervous that I think he is going to get hurt in today’s game, or before the end of the season. If he does get hurt, I think Kolb can lead us to a playoff win, but I don’t think we are a Super Bowl team anymore.

– The rest of the world seems to be finally realizing how good of a running back LeSean McCoy has been in 2010. He’s almost as good as Brian Westbrook was in his prime, and he’s younger now than Westbrook was when he began his career. This kid has a bright, bright future ahead of him.

– I am wondering how much the injured left foot of DeSean Jackson will slow him down in today’s game. Speed is to DeSean Jackson as home runs are to Ryan Howard. Let’s not even pretend that Jackson can be effective as a receiver without his speed.

– King Dunlap is likely going to be beaten and battered by Justin Tuck. The absence of Winston Justice is a big deaol, unfortunately. Sometimes a starting lineman misses a game and it’s not a big deal. I think this one will be a very big deal.

– Trent Cole is due for another big game. Two sacks and a forced fumble.

– Asante Samuel absolutely owns Eli Manning. He picked off Manning twice in last game, including once with under four minutes remaining to help seal the victory. He also recovered a fumble in the final two minutes. He intercepted Manning and returned it 37 yards in the Eagles’ 40-17 victory in 2009. And he intercepted Manning to seal a 23-11 victory in the divisional round of the 2008 playoffs.

– I think the Eagles are going to win. Then again, who do you expect me to pick? I picked the Eagles to lose four times this season: Green Bay, Jacksonville, Tennessee, and Indianapolis. We lost the first and third, and won the second and fourth. But the Eagles always play well against the Giants. It’s usually high scoring, sometimes very high scoring, and the Eagles win. Madden picked this game to be the game of the year, “the must see TV event of the year,” and I think they’re going to be right for today’s game. I’ll go with 34-28 Eagles. And I’m picking an overtime victory, with Jeremy Maclin scoring a 56-yard touchdown with 11:07 left in overtime to win it.

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