Week 15 Postgame Thoughts: Philadelphia Eagles 38, New York Giants 31

By Bryn Swartz

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– Michael Vick’s interception on the first drive of the game was a terrible throw. He looked exactly like Brett Favre. He shouldn’t have even attempted that throw.

– Moise Fokou’s 18-yard sack of Eli Manning was an enormous play. It helped push the Giants out of field position and kept the game scoreless. That was the longest sack by an Eagles defender that I can remember in my lifetime.

– Will Blackmon fumbled a punt in the first quarter and I swear that ball was made of grease because it slipped through the hands of every single player it touched until the Giants finally fell on it. Unbelievable. That could have completely turned the game around if the Eagles had recovered the ball. How can it be so difficult to pick up a bouncing football?

– Andy Reid and the Eagles missed a golden opportunity to challenge on Hakeem Nicks’ 22-yard reception on third down in the first quarter. Nicks clearly did not catch the ball but the Eagles didn’t get the challenge off in time.

– The refs made a terrible call on Jeremy Maclin’s catch and fumble late in the first half. That cost us a touchdown, although in fairness we should have been able to stop them from scoring a touchdown. Still, that was a pretty bad call and it cost us.

– The first half was absolutely pathetic. Probably the worst half of the season (although that first half against Green Bay was brutal).

– I don’t know if I have ever seen a player so wide open in my life as Jeremy Maclin was on his touchdown reception in the third quarter. That was the worst blown coverage I have ever seen.

– Our run defense was fantastic today. The Giants tried early to establish the run and couldn’t, so they passed. Eli Manning threw three touchdown passes in the first half, despite limited production by Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs. He ended with four, his career high.

– Andy Reid cost the Eagles the game with his no-challenge on DeSean Jackson’s catch and run in the fourth quarter. Jackson gained 30 yards before falling and losing the ball at the end. He was clearly touched by a Giants’ defender when he fell down, and the ball would have stayed with the Eagles.

– I literally didn’t even cheer when Brent Celek caught that 65-yard touchdown. Then the Eagles got their surprise onside kick and my heart stopped. I had given up on the game but that completely got me back in the game, and set me up for total disappointment. I had literally tgiven up on a win, and at that point, there was no turning back from heartbeat.

– That 35-yard run by Michael Vick in the middle of the fourth quarter was fantastic. That might have been his best play of the season. I thought he was going to get decapitated on that play. That looked like Madden. That was unbelievable.

– Vick’s 3rd and 10 run (33 yards) with 2:45 left in the game was incredible. So was his 22-yard run to get the Eagles from the Giants’ 42-yard line to their 20 in the final two minutes.

– The Eagles got pressure on Eli Manning and forced him to throw two incompletions. Trevor Laws came up with the biggest sack of the season.

– And DeSean Jackson provided the single most memorable regular season play in the history of the Philadelphia Eagles.

– The Eagles have all but clinched a postseason spot. They will win their first division title in five years. They will probably end up with the NFC’s number two seed. And they are, in my mind, every bit a Super Bowl team.

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