Eagles WR DeSean Jackson gifted, but the showboating needs to stop

By ericschmidt

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Philadelphia Eagles WR DeSean Jackson is incredibly gifted, but his showboating activities need to stop. I am not one of those people who get all worked up about endzone celebrations but Jackson’s antics are going to wind up costing the Eagles a game at some point and if I were Andy Reid, I’d have Jackson in my office this morning.

Jackson is an explosive receiver and kick returner as the New York Giants witnessed yesterday, but imagine the Philadelphia Eagles fans outrage if DeSean Jackson had the ball stripped out of his hand while running laterally at the goal line. Giants RB Danny Ware nearly got to Jackson. Just cross the goal line and then go crazy. Walk on your hands and knees. Do handstands. Walk around naked, who cares, just score the damn touchdown.

Last week against the Dallas Cowboys, Jackson scored a 91 yard go ahead touchdown and sprinted to the goalline pylon, turned around before reaching the endzone and fell backwards into the endzone.

At some point, his showboating is going to wind up costing the Eagles a score and then where will all his fans be? If Danny Ware had stripped the ball in yesterday’s game, we wouldn’t be talking about the fantastic comeback of the Philadelphia Eagles but rather ho

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