10 Things We Learned From the Eagles Game: Week 15

By Bryn Swartz

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1. Michael Vick can lead a pretty amazing two-minute drill.
Okay, so technically it was a three-minute drill. Whatever. Vick led the Eagles 88 yards in seven plays without any timeouts. He was incredible. He rushed for gains of 33 and 22 yards. And he ended the drive by hitting Jeremy Maclin for a game-tying 13-yard touchdown pass. This was everything Donovan McNabb could never do. This was everything we’ve longed for our whole lives as Eagles fans. Vick was nothing short of incredible.

2. LeSean McCoy and Michael Vick have turned the Eagles into the greatest rushing offense in NFL history.
The Eagles have averaged 5.54 yards per run this season, the highest single-season total in NFL history. They entered the game averaging 5.32 yards, but rushed 21 times for 193 yards, including 130 by Michael Vick, to surpass the 1997 Detroit Lions for the record. The Eagles have games against the Vikings and Cowboys to try to keep the record.

3. Jeremy Maclin is still probably the best all-around wide receiver on the Eagles.
He obviously doesn’t have the explosiveness or big play ability of DeSean Jackson, but I still think Jeremy Maclin is the best receiver on the team. He caught seven passes for 59 yards and two touchdowns. He made a pretty good move on Terrell Thomas to tie the game with 1:16 remaining. And he leads Eagles’ receivers in receptions and touchdowns this season.

4. Rookie Jamar Chaney may have a very bright future.
16 tackles for a rookie seventh round draft pick making his first start? And a forced fumble? Wow! Chaney did commit a penalty, and tackles isn’t always the biggest measure of success, but there’s no denying that Chaney was a success in his first start. He had a major role in the Giants’ running backs combining for 100 yards on 31 carries.

5. Asante Samuel is the most important defense player on the Eagles. Easily.
Samuel intimidates Eli Manning so much that Manning barely looked his way on Sunday. Samuel didn’t record an interception or a pass defensed, and he had only two tackles. But his previous success against Manning was enough for him to be mostly ignored throughout the game, making Dimitri Patterson appear to have a much worse game than he really did.

6. DeSean Jackson might be the most explosive player in the NFL since, well, anyone?
No, I am not implying that DeSean Jackson is the most explosive player ever. But he’s one of them. I really mean that. I’m not saying he’s one of the best players ever. He’s a lot like Ryan Howard. Howard is not one of the best players ever. But he is one of the greatest home run hitters in baseball history. Jackson didn’t factor into the game much for 59 minutes and 46 seconds, before returning a punt 65 yards for a walkoff touchdown, arguably the greatest regular season play in Philadelphia Eagles history.

7. Michael Vick has completely vaulted himself back into the MVP race.
The MVP race was Tom Brady’s. It wasn’t even his to lose. He could have not played a snap for the rest of the season and still won the award. Then Vick threw for 242 yards and three touchdowns, rushed for 130 yards and a touchdown, and led the Eagles back from a 21-point fourth quarter deficit to win 38-31 in regulation. He is now neck and neck with Tom Brady in the NFL MVP race.

8. The Eagles absolutely own the New York Giants.

Six consecutive victories. One in the playoffs. Two at the end of the season with first place on the line. Two in the middle of the season with first place on the line. And one to keep the Eagles’ season alive late in 2008. The Eagles have scored 193 points in the six games (an average of 32.2 per game).

9. We’re starting to see the Eagles turn into the Phillies, the team that never ever gave up.
The Phillies have always been the team in Philadelphia who never gave up. The Eagles haven’t been able to do that, and I believe our quarterback has been a large reason why. Now we have a new guy under center, and he’s doing things I didn’t even know were possible. I will never again count this team out. Never. Not with Michael Vick at quarterback, LeSean McCoy at running back, DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin at wide receiver, and Brent Celek at tight end.

10. There may not be a single team in the NFC who can stop the Philadelphia Eagles.
The Eagles may be the best team in the NFC. Then again, it could be the Atlanta Falcons or New Orleans Saints. And I think the Green Bay Packers, with Aaron Rodgers, deserve mention. And I guess the Chicago Bears/ But I don’t know if there is anybody in our conference who can stop us from scoring. With Michael Vick, the Eagles have scored 26 or more points in every single game. If the defense steps up in a big game, we’re not going to lose.

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