Devin Hester is Officially the Greatest

By Joshua Casey

For those of you living in a cave, Devin Hester set the all-time NFL record for returns on kick-offs/punts yesterday during the Chicago Bears 40-14 win over the Minnesota Vikings.

During his post-game remarks, Hester was very humbled by the whole experience and thanked his teammates for helping him achieve success. He got choked-up when he talked about how he has always been put into a box as a returner only and wanted to prove to coaches and others he could do more than just return kicks. It was a very honest moment for  Hester. He also caught a touchdown pass earlier in the game.

It is refreshing to see an athlete actually be thankful for the success they’ve achieved. Hester seemed genuine in his comments. He has been one of the hardest workers on the Chicago Bears and certainly it has shown in his results.

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One of my friends asked me today where I think Hester ranks all-time in Chicago Bears’ history. It is a very interesting question. He certainly is the best returner the franchise has ever had. Statistically speaking, he is also the best returner the NFL has ever had as well. So does this make him the best Chicago Bear of my lifetime?

It is hard for me to put him in the Walter Payton category. But, Hester is the most exciting Bear I’ve ever seen. Whenever he has the football in his hands, anything can happen. Even on offense, he can create immediate excitement.  It is a great argument to have, but Hester certainly is as responsible for the success this season as anyone else on the roster. I am curious to hear everyone’s thoughts on the matter.

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