Eagles Mike Vick back on the promo circuit

By ericschmidt

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Philadelphia Eagle QB Michael Vick has blasted his way on to the center stage of the NFL this season with his spectacular play on the field. Vick is playing well beyond his abilities when he was with the Atlanta Falcons when he was basically a running back which occasionally threw the football.

After Vick was sent to Federal prison, all of his lucrative endorsement deals went away. Rantsports blogger Bryn Swatz, covering the Eagles at EaglesCentral.com posted a video clip of Vick’s first commercial since he was released from prison.

It’s a local promotion from a Philadelphia Nissan dealership, and according the Swatz, Vick gets the use of a $54,000 dollar Nissan SUV. That’s cool. What I don’t find cool however, is the fact that Vick, while still under the supervision of a bankruptcy court gave his fiancee a $90,000 dollar Porsche last week.

Yes, Vick has paid his dues, I’m over the past, he’s playing unreal football right now, but exactly how is he buying a $90,000 dollar car when he owes millions? According to FOXSports, he is under a budget “reorganization plan”. Well, I want one of those reorganization plans. File bankruptcy and then buy a Porsche for your future ex-wife two years later. It’s great to live in America.

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