Patriots Tom Brady tops Eagles Michael Vick for Pro Bowl voting

By ericschmidt

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The votes have been tallied for the Pro Bowl balloting, and New England Patriots QB Tom Brady has come in with the most votes of any player in the NFL. Brady finished the balloting with 1.877 million votes, followed in second by Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick who received 1.522 million votes.

After this week’s remarkable comeback by the Philadelphia Eagles over the new York Giants, the discussions started once again on the internet as to whether or not Vick should be the NFL’s MVP for the 2010 season. There are still two games of the regular season remaining, but if I were going to be casting a vote, my nod would have to go to Brady.

Vick, as impressive as he’s been this season, has missed games. When the patriots shipped WR Randy Moss off to Minnesota, several pundits wrote the Patriots season off, but Brady has put up some very remarkable performances this season. And while Vick has shown that he has elevated his game to the next level, Brady is playing remarkable football with a pair of #2 wide receivers and a pair of rookie tight ends. Like it or not, I say Brady wins the MVP at the conclusion of the season.

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