Complaints about the NFL playing tonight's game between Eagles and Vikings

By ericschmidt

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Unless you have had your head in the sand the last 36 hours, there is a major storm heading up the East coast of the United States. Locations as far south as Atlanta and Greenville, South Carolina have already received snow. Several games today are going to be effected by the winter weather, but perhaps no game more so than the game between the Philadelphia Eagles and Minnesota Vikings.

I was reading a post by Mike Florio at regarding the weather. What I found interesting were some of the comments about the game tonight. Eagles fans stated that the NFL should cancel the game. Travel will be dangerous to and from the game so stated. Other commented that people could be drinking and people could be killed. In all reality, it sounds like the Eagles fans are simply complaining about having to play in such conditions while involved in such a tight playoff race. I didn’t hear these complaints two weeks ago when the New England Patriots played the Chicago Bears.

But the reason I find these comments interesting because this is exactly the type scenario I could see unfolding when the Super Bowl is played in the Meadowlands. This is exactly why I was opposed to playing the Super Bowl in a open stadium in February. Tonight’s game is just a regular season game, but could you imagine this winter event happening right around the time of the world’s most watched sporting event?

I hope this is exactly what unfolds in 2014 when the Super Bowl is played in the Meadowlands. The worst Nor’Easter in a century make New Jersey ground zero and 20+ plus inches of snow bring the region to a complete halt. Chaos will ensue and hopefully the NFL will have learned their lesson and never again decide to award the Super Bowl to a cold weather venue.

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