Saints playoff opponent likely to come from final Rams/Seahawks game

By Philthy

On Monday night, the Saints clinched a playoff spot with their 17-14 victory over the Atlanta Falcons in the Georgia Dome. While the Saints still have a shot at the number one spot in the NFC, they would not only need to beat the Bucs on Sunday, but would need the Falcons to lose to the hapless Panthers in Atlanta, which appears unlikely to happen.

In all likelihood, the Saints will enter the playoffs as the top wild card team, which means that they will face the division winning team with the weakest record. This team will come from the NFC West, where the team that wins the division may have a losing record. The two teams in contention for the division, the Seattle Seahawks and the St. Louis Rams, will be playing each other in Seattle on Sunday night’s nationally televised game, with the victorious team getting the title of NFC West champions.

Due to the NFC South’s schedule, the Saints have faced each team in the NFC West this season, and defeated both the Saints are Rams handily. However, both of those wins came in the Superdome, and the Saints will have to travel and play in either Seattle or St. Louis for their playoff game.

Although both teams appear to be an easy playoff win for the Saints, anything can happen on any given Sunday in the NFL and the Saints cannot take anything for granted. So after the Saints play on Sunday, Saints fans across the county can tune in to the Sunday night game and get a glimpse of the NFC West action and take an early peak at the Saints likely first round opponent.

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