Bears Headquarters Sits Down with Ol' Bag of Donuts

By Joshua Casey


I had a chance to talk with my old friend Adam Somers from Ol’ Bag of Donuts (Green Bay Packers Blog). Tomorrow, my answers to the questions will appear from his blog. By the way, follow Adam on Twitter at Olbagofdonuts for the latest Packer news (OK, stop booing…he’s a realistic Packers guy).

Jonathan: Is Devin Hester the best returner you’ve ever seen? Even though you hate the Bears, is he enjoyable to watch?

Adam: Easily. Before Hester, Dante Hall had a good run, but that only lasted one year. The same for Desmond Howard during the Packers’ championship team in 1996. Hester is a lot more talented than them and has proven his staying power. Of course he is enjoyable as a pure football fan. I just hate watching him when he plays the Packers because he is the scariest player on the Bears in my eyes, even more so than Urlacher and Peppers. The Packers better not kick to him on Sunday.

Jonathan: Convince me that the Packers defense is better than I think…

Adam: Their secondary is very good with three Pro Bowl caliber players in Charles Woodson, Tramon Williams and Nick Collins. Because of that they are one of the best teams in the league in creating turnovers, which they had six of last week. Yes, their pass rush is less than desired outside of Matthews, but it is hard to throw on this team. Two weeks ago they held Tom Brady to roughly 160 yards passing. The isn’t the greatest against the run, but aren’t the worst either. Lack of depth in the front seven because of injuries have hurt a lot. So, I would say the main reason they are better than you think is their ability to create turnovers and pretty stout against the pass.

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Jonathan: What do the Packers need to do to get to the Super Bowl?

Adam: To be completely honest and a lot of our readers may not like this, but they need luck and a lot of it. Don’t get me wrong, I am behind this team 100% and think if things break their way they have a shot, but there might be too many if’s. They need to stay healthy because they are now starting guys who weren’t even with the team earlier this year. They also need to build on their slightly improved running game from the last two weeks. They need to generate some kind of pass rush opposite of Matthews, which may happen with the return of Cullen Jenkins. They need to be able to protect Rodgers. But, most importantly they need to win close games, something Mike McCarthy has struggled mightly with. I am not saying it is impossible to get to the Super Bowl as a #6 seed because it has happened before, but it will take a lot of things to go right. However, with a QB like Rodgers there is a chance.

Jonathan: You’ve been on the “Bears are a good team” bandwagon for a while…why do some experts still doubt this team?

Adam: I think because their really isn’t anything that stands out as great on this team besides their return game. The Bears’ offense isn’t great, but it is efficient, effective and has enough juice to make big plays when needed. The defense has some holes in the secondary, but still is a very good defense, but maybe not great. I also think their is still a lot of negative stigma around Cutler. He has played a lot better this year (can’t get much worse than last year), but still hasn’t won a lot of people over. A playoff win would definitely silence a lot of doubters.

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Jonathan: Who wins the NFC?

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Adam: New Orleans Saints. They didn’t play their best game on Monday night, but still won in Atlanta where no one wins. We were recording a podcast this week for our site and all of us agreed that New Orleans is the team that scares us the most in the playoffs. Reggie Bush and Pierre Thomas are finally getting healthy and Brees is still the best quarterback in the conference. My money is on them.
I always appreciate Adam’s honesty. After the Chicago Bears defeated the Miami Dolphins, Adam sent me an email and told me he thought the Chicago Bears are a good football team and it is time for people to stop denying it.

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