Buccaneers fans need to root for Atlanta on Sunday

By ericschmidt

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and their fans need to be rooting for the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday. The Falcons need to get out to a commanding lead over the Carolina Panthers early and don’t look back. the only real benefit for the Saints winning on Sunday would be the possibility of moving up in the playoff standings if the Panthers wind up beating the Falcons in Atlanta on Sunday.

Seriously, I think you have a better chance of being struck by lightening within the next 10 minutes than the Panthers beating the Falcons in Atlanta. So, as the Buccaneers hold on to slim playoff chances, an added advantage to beat the Saints tomorrow would be having the Falcons jump out to a 17 point or more lead by half-time and then having the Saints realize that there is no more reason to play their key players.

I think that might be a scenario which might unfold. For a look at what the enemy might be thinking, check out Stuart Carlton at the Whodatreport. Stuart actually isn’t the enemy, he’s a really nice guy, just a bit misguided in his team selections.

The irony of this season is that back in September when head coach Raheem Morris said the season was a race to 10 games, many of us rolled our eyes. Fact is, Morris has done a remarkable job this season. Now, the Buccaneers might wind up winning 10 games and possibly won’t make the playoffs. Either way, it’s been a fun and enjoyable season.

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