A Wager Won, a Game Won, and Respect Earned

By Joshua Casey

John Rehor of www.greenbaypackernation.com and I made a wager before the game on Sunday. I lost thanks to the 10-3 loss by the Chicago Bears. John get’s to write my blog as his prize, so here we go…Take it away John!!!

Over the last 15 weeks, I had been searching for a reason not to believe in the Chicago Bears. Even after winning the division, many fans, bloggers, even some press would not give kudos to the Bears for being a good team. I searched and searched, and just could not do it.

Yesterday, in the Packers defeat of the Bears. I found a reason why I should give some credit where it is due.

Although Cutler played in stereotypical Cutler style, getting sacked and throwing interceptions, the Bears defense kept them in the game. They were able to basically shut down a high powered Packers’ offense, the same offense that last week against the Giants rolled up over 500 yards. While I still believe that the Bears’ defense is a combination of lucky and good, there is no denying that they were effective in slowing down the number one rated quarterback in the NFC in Aaron Rodgers.

Luckily for the Packers, we were able to score just enough, and get in the playoffs as the final Wild Card team.

A great game yesterday between two old foes.

See you in 3 weeks in Chicago for the NFC Championship Game.

As a sidenote, I am glad that Jonathan Carroll from Bears Headquarters was able to get to Lambeau Field to take in the game. So much history exists in that stadium, in particular between the Packers and Bears, everyone should try to journey to the land up North at least once. It truly is amazing.

Thanks for the wager, and good luck in the playoffs, but not too much luck.

Good stuff by John. Be sure to follow him on Twitter at JRehor.

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