Del Rio's Monday Press Conference Delayed Due To Meeting With Weaver

By Joey Farbo

Jaguars head coach Jack Del Rio had his normal Monday press conference delayed this afternoon as he has been in a meeting with Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver.

Del Rio has come under considerable fire after his teams have suffered total collapses at the end of each of the past two seasons and squandered opportunities to get into the playoffs.  Weaver, however, has to consider some circumstances other than on the field performance before he makes a decision on Del Rio’s future.

The first is that Del Rio is still owed just over $10 million over the next two years on a contract extension that he signed following the 2007 season.  Will Weaver want to be on the hook for the salary of two coaches?

The second, and most important and unique circumstance, is the uncertainty that looms over the new collective bargaining agreement.  Most people believe that the NFL is heading for a lockout this offseason.  If the Jaguars fire Del Rio and bring in a new head coach in the middle of a lockout, it could be August before the new coach actually got to work with the team and install his new system on both offense and defense.  If this scenario occurred, the Jaguars would go into the 2011 season at a considerable disadvantage compared to the other teams.  Some other franchises have already decided to keep their coaches on next year despite disappointing seasons for fear that this scenario could become a reality.

My gut feeling is that due to extreme circumstances Del Rio will be back next season, but will be in a situation where the only way he will be able to keep his job is by making a run into the playoffs.

Continue to check back for updates, as it appears we will know sooner rather than later what the future of Del Rio will be.


According to several Jaguars beat writers, Jack Del Rio will remain head coach of the Jaguars for the 2011 season.  It will be interesting to see how the fans respond to this, my guess is they will not be very happy.

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