Miami ends season in ugly fashion

By chriswalsh

And that’s a wrap folks.

The Miami Dolphins had no care, no desire and no effort in a horrible 38-7 loss to the New England Patriots on Sunday.

Tyler Thigpen played quarterback and just about all of the bench players got into a game, that resulted in Miami getting a top-15 pick in this April’s draft.

That’s about the only good thing to come of this season.

It became strikingly obvious that a change needs to be made in Miami. The Dolphins looked as if they didn’t care, or as if owner Stephen Ross told them to mail it in.

In a season finale, that means nothing to the Pats, Miami laid an egg.

It was ugly in every sense of the word, and if players were playing for their job, only Brandon Marshall and Devon Bess showed they should be back next season.

That’s it. Well, here’s to 2011, happy new year’s everyone.

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