Titans owner Bud Adams releases statement regarding Jeff Fisher’s future

Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams met with team officials on Monday to discuss the future of head coach Jeff Fisher–who is currently the longest tenured coach in the NFL.After a 5-2 start, the Titans went on to lose eight of their final nine games and missed the postseason for the second-straight year–which is why Fisher has been on the hot seat the last few weeks. Adams released a statement Monday night–indicating that he and some of the other members of the organization have yet to reach a decision on the matter and will continue to evaluate whether or not Fisher should return next season.

Here’s the statement released by Adams:

“I met for several hours today with Steve Underwood and Mike Reinfeldt about our organization and where we go from here. I will continue to review all aspects of what we do as a football team, including the coaching staff and other decisions that are in front of us.

“There are several things that need to be considered in this evaluation process, including Jeff’s (Fisher) history with our team, the labor situation and other challenges. I have been at this for a long time, and these decisions take time and thoughtful consideration.  I will make the decisions that I feel are in the best interest of the team. I do understand the time element involved and would expect to make these decisions in the near future.

“In the meantime, I will continue to be in contact with Jeff and the senior staff for any additional information that I may need.”

Looks like Titans fans will have to wait at least one more day before finding out whether or not Fisher will be back for his 17th season as Titans head coach.

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  • Rita Jones

    Bud Adams is a poor excuse for an owner. Titans have not been a great team since Eddie George and Steve McNair and to put Chris Johnson and Vince Young on his Christmas Card is low. Vice Young is a spoiled kid who needs to grow up and take on the responsiblitiy for being a quarterback. You don’t see Peyton Manning doing the things Vince Young does. Vince needs to give up football and be a whiner for a living. That is what he is good at.

    • Donna

      Amen! Jeff Fisher is the best thing that has happened to that team. Adams would be totally off-balanced to let him go. Although he is known for making somewhat irrational decisions – Vince Young is the problem. If all coaches starting giving in to their quarterbacks, what type of league would we have.

  • http://yardbarker.com dick

    i think jeff fisher should stay on i dont believe young will ever make it in tenn or for that matter in the NFL he is to much of a baby he gets hurt if a defense looks at him the wrong way and panics then starts to make dumb mistakes gets bood then finds some reason to quit on himself and his team mates I THINK HE SHOULD GO collins can still play one more year or more find or draft a new quarter back and start again we all know that the team has got all kinds of talent at all the other postions KEEP THE COACH

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