Whitehurst Leads Seahawks to Promised Land

By grant.brown

Throughout the season I’ve had mixed feelings on the quarterback position.  I’ve felt Hasselbeck deserves his respect and should start.  I’ve also been impressed with Charlie Whitehurst and feel the fans need to see what he can do with reps, gameplanning and experience.  Now with Charlie winning the play-in game against the Rams, who deserves to start the Playoff game if Hasselbeck is healthy.

Here are my arguments for both players.


PROS:  Veteran.  Experienced. Lots of Playoff Experience. Took team to Superbowl (with cast of other Seattle Greats).  Played good against the Saints earlier this season.  GREAT LEADER.

CONS: Old. Arm is weaker. Wheels are broken. Has forced the ball and made many bad decisions.  Having a bad season. 


PROS:  Younger.  Agile. Strong Arm. Selected by Current Coach and GM. Just won big game to advance team.    Runs first to get out of trouble.  Team seemed to rally around him.

CONS: Inexperienced.  Not on the same page with his receivers yet.  Accuracy problems.  Doesn’t know the playbook like Hasselbeck.  Runs first to get out of trouble.

So, what is Pete Carroll going to do?  I think up until this last game, Hasselbeck would have been the choice but the play of Whitehurst leads to a big bunch of questions.  Is Charlie the right guy for this Playoff game?  Is he the guy for the future?  Is he just a backup in Seattle?  Do the Seahawks need to draft a QB in the 1st or 2nd round?  Did the Seahawks win because of the things Charlie can do and Matt can’t do anymore?  Is it time to just turn the team over to Charlie Whitehurst?

My choice…. Go with Charlie.  Momentum always moves forward.  Keep what worked going.  They didn’t score a lot of points in this last game but they didn’t need to.  Against the Saints he will and I want to see what he can do when asked to be productive in the offense.

Give Charlie the ball coach, he got us to the next level.  Matt is hurt and not the same Matt that made him the franchise’s all-time greatest QB.  Let Whitehurst guide the ship.

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