2011 NFL Mock Draft 4 Rounds

By Chris Ransom
Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow scrambles out of the pocket against the Houston Texans during the first half at Invesco Field at Mile High on December 26, 2010 in Denver. UPI/Gary C. Caskey

Will Tim Tebow stay or get replaced as the Denver Broncos quarterback of the future? Picks 21 through 32 in round 1 play out according to my playoff predictions.

As a new years resolution I decided to post a draft board of my 5 best available players after a few teams have made their picks in each round. I’m doing this to give the public a better idea of who the best players are after certain picks to give the fans a better idea of what there team should do in the 2011 NFL Draft.

1. Carolina Panthers 2-14 Andrew Luck QB Stanford Below is a list of my top 5 players to draft.

Chris Ransom’s draft board heading into the 2011 NFL draft
Andrew Luck QB Stanford 1st overall
Patrick Peterson CB LSU 2nd overall
AJ Green WR Georgia 3rd overall
DaQuan Bowers LE/RE Clemson 4th overall
Nick Fairley DT/3-4 RE Auburn 5th overall

Now that the draft board has been posted it is time to examine the Carolina Panthers and there needs. There are 3 immediate impact players in the draft besides Andrew Luck there is Patrick Peterson the LSU cornerback and AJ Green the Georgia wide receiver. The Carolina Panthers were 32nd out of 32 NFL Teams in points per game, total yards per game, and passing yards per game. When your 32nd in all 3 of these categories you have to draft a quarterback #1 overall period. I have Andrew Luck here, but if he returns to school I could see Carolina drafting Cam Newton, Ryan Mallett, Jake Locker, or Blaine Gabbert with the first pick in 2011 if Luck returns to school. Andrew Luck is the highest graded player on my draft board and if he declares there is no question the Carolina Panthers will take him. There are 2 links below about the Carolina Panthers if you are interested in reading them. The first link mentions the positions the Carolina Panthers need to address in the draft while the 2nd link is a scouting report on Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck.

This link contains info on what the Panthers need to do in the 2011 NFL Draft.

This link is a scouting report on the Stanford quarterback.

2. Denver Broncos 4-12 Patrick Peterson CB LSU Champ Bailey is getting disgusted with the changes in Denver. Lucky for the Broncos there in a good position to replace him as Patrick Peterson is available. Expect Denver to draft Peterson with the 2nd pick in my 2011 NFL Mock Draft.

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Here is a link below of a Patrick Peterson scouting report.


3. Buffalo Bills 4-12 AJ Green WR Georgia There is only one player in this draft who provides an immediate impact and that is left in the top 5 and that is AJ Green the Georgia wide receiver. I have Green going to the Buffalo Bills. For more information on AJ Green read my AJ Green scouting report.


4. Cincinnati Bengals 4-12 DaQuan Bowers LE Clemson DaQuan Bowers is the best available player here. I know Michael Johnson and Carlos Dunlap have performed well down the stretch, but Cincinnati’s defensive line will have so much more depth and stability next season when Antwan Odom returns to right end and if the Bengals draft Bowers and start him at left end it lets backups like Johnson and Dunlap rotate into the lineup whenever Cincinnati’s defensive ends get injured or fatigue. Bowers can start at left end and move to right end if Odom gets injured again.

By the way I host a talk show on youtube called Football Monthly this month I discuss the first 20 picks in the 2011 NFL Draft, make my playoff predictions, and have interviews with a draft scout on Pac 10 quarterbacks Andrew Luck and Jake Locker. I will start filming content for Football Monthly tomorrow. If you want to email me and have your email read on football monthly or if you want to come on as a guest email me at crans789@gmail.com

5. Arizona Cardinals 5-11 Robert Quinn 3-4 ROLB North Carolina Next to Bowers Robert Quinn is the highest graded defensive end in the draft, but he dropped 30 pounds and he was 6 ft 6 282 pounds heading into the year. Arizona can get 2 3-4 outside linebackers for the future by drafting Quinn. O Brien Schofield was drafted as a 3-4 right outside linebacker last year, but is more suited to start on the left side. By drafting Quinn as a right outside linebacker and moving O Brien Schofield to the left outside linebacker position as a successor to Clark Haggans while Quinn learns from Joey Porter the Arizona Cardinals manage to address two needs for the price of one. Now that the Quinn pick is in I”m going to examine the 5 best available players on my draft board.

Chris Ransom’s draft board after first 5 picks
Nick Fairley DT/3-4 RE Auburn 5th overall
Prince Amukamara CB Nebraska 7th overall
Adrian Clayborn LE/RE Iowa 8th overall
Marcell Dareus 3-4 RE/DT Alabama 9th overall
Stephen Paea DT Oregon State 10th overall

6. Cleveland Browns 5-11 Nick Fairley 3-4 RE Auburn Cleveland needs a 3-4 right end. Nick Fairley played in the 4-3 scheme as a defensive tackle at Auburn, but since he is under 300 pounds he has the size to switch to a right end in a 3-4 scheme. Fairley managed to get by Alabama left tackle James Carpenter in a play where Auburn called 3-4 play where Fairley was lined up as a right end. Fairley should bring some defensive firepower to the Cleveland Browns. Plus Fairley is the best player available and the only top 5 player left to draft in this 2011 NFL Mock Draft.

7. San Francisco 49ers 6-10 Ryan Mallett QB Arkansas This may appear as a reach, but some draft boards have Mallett going as high as #7. With Alex Smith and Troy Smith failing to live up to the hype as the 49ers franchise quarterback the new regime will likely draft Mallett as the quarterback for the future.

8. Tennessee Titans 6-10 Cam Newton QB Auburn If Vince Young leaves the Tennessee Titans will draft Cam Newton. Some mock drafts have Newton as the 8th best player in the draft. Look for Newton to sit behind Kerry Collins and work his way onto the field. Just like with Vince Young when Billy Volek started the first few games before demanding a trade to San Diego. By the way I made a Cam Newton scouting report after he won the 2010 Heisman Trophy here is the link below.


9. Dallas Cowboys 6-10 Prince Amukamara CB Nebraska Dallas needs a cornerback and a 3-4 defensive end. Amukamara is the best player available and a potential steal in the eyes of most draft experts because some people have Amukamara as high as #5 overall.

10. Washington Redskins 6-10 Jake Locker QB Washington I know Washington will be tempted to draft an Alabama player like Marcell Dareus, Julio Jones, or Mark Ingram. In the end the Washington Redskins end up trading Donovan McNabb to the Vikings and end up drafting Jake Locker. Before I post the Jake Locker scouting report link I’m going to update my draft board indicating the 5 best available players.

Chris Ransom’s Draft Board
Adrian Clayborn LE/RE Iowa 8th overall
Marcell Dareus 3-4 RE/DT Alabama 9th overall
Stephen Paea DT Oregon State 10th overall
Janoris Jenkins CB Florida 11th overall
Julio Jones WR Alabama 12th overall


That’s the Jake Locker scouting report enjoy.

11. Houston Texans 6-10 Adrian Clayborn LE Iowa The Houston Texans must draft the best defensive player available and right now that is either Adrian Clayborn or Marcell Dareus. I’m giving the Texans Clayborn.

12. Minnesota Vikings 6-10 Marcell Dareus DT Alabama Both Kevin and Pat Williams have struggled at defensive tackle this year. Despite being mainly a 3-4 right end. Dareus weighs over 300 pounds and could make the transition to defensive tackle in the 4-3 scheme. Dareus was the 2nd best player on my draft board back in August before the College Football Season Started. As the season progressed Dareus fell to 4th at the end of September and is currently the 9th best player available and is the best player available on my draft board. Defensive tackle is a need for the Vikings so this pick works out nicely for Minnesota.

13. Detroit Lions 6-10 Janoris Jenkins CB Florida Detroit usually takes the best player available at this spot problem is Stephen Paea DT Oregon State is the best player available and the Lions drafted Ndamukong Suh this year. I doubt the Lions take another defensive tackle so Janoris Jenkins is the pick here.

14. St. Louis Rams 7-9 Stephen Paea DT Oregon State The Rams two biggest needs are wide receiver and defensive tackle in that order and Paea is the top player available follow by Alabama wide receiver Julio Jones. I can see why you would criticize me for putting Paea here instead of Jones, but this draft is deep at wide receiver so St. Louis can wait till round 2 to secure their wide receiver for the future.

15. Miami Dolphins 7-9 Mark Ingram RB Alabama Mark Ingram the former Heisman Trophy winner is likely to get selected here. Miami needs a new back and Ingram looks like someone who can get the job done. Before I post a link to the Mark Ingram scouting report I typed about Ingram I’m going to update my draft board.

Chris Ransom’s Draft Board After Top 15
Julio Jones WR Alabama 12th overall
Von Miller 3-4 ROLB Texas A/M 17th overall
Ryan Kerrigan LE/3-4 LOLB Purdue 18th overall
Nate Soldier LT Colorado 19th overall
Akeem Ayers 3-4 LOLB UCLA 20th overall

That’s the Mark Ingram scouting report and the first half of Round 1 is almost over.

16. Jacksonville Jaguars 8-8 Ryan Kerrigan LE Purdue Derrick Harvey has been a bust at left end and right end while right end Aaron Kampan is injury prone. Look for Kerrigan to step in Jacksonville as a left end and move to right end if Kampman gets injured again.

17. New England Patriots from Oakland Raiders 8-8 Julio Jones WR Alabama If Julio Jones falls to #17 Mel Kiper’s hair might fall off and start attacking all the general managers that passed on Julio Jones in this draft. That’s literally how big of a steal this pick would be for the New England Patriots in my mock draft. Still Julio Jones goes to New England in my mock draft because he is a #1 option at wide receiver and would give Tom Brady the ability to stretch the deep ball like he did with Randy Moss even if Jones drops passes Brady has so many other targets to get the ball to.

18. San Diego Chargers 9-7 Von Miller 3-4 ROLB Texas A/M The San Diego Chargers need a 3-4 right outside linebacker Larry English hasn’t lived up to the hype as a first round pick and Antwan Applewhite is not much better. Von Miller would be a good selection for San Diego.

19. New York Giants 10-6 Drake Nevis DT LSU The New York Giants biggest need is defensive tackle and Nevis would be a good selection here despite being a major reach because he fits a need. I have Nevis graded out as the 30th best player and the odds are someone could trade up in the draft here if they wanted to address the left tackle position, but I’m not listing potential trades in my mock draft until April when I post my 7 round mock draft.

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 10-6 Cameron Heyward LE Ohio State Tampa Bay needs a 4-3 left end and with most of the 4-3 ends gone Tampa Bay drafts Heyward here. It’s time for a draft board update.

Chris Ransom’s Draft Board Update After the Top 20 Picks
Nate Soldier LT Colorado 19th overall
Akeem Ayers 3-4 LOLB UCLA 20th overall
Gabe Carimi LT/RT Wisconsin 21st overall
Cameron Jordan 3-4 RE California 22nd overall
Mike Pouncey C/RG/LG/LT/RT Florida 24th overall

21. Seattle Seahawks 7-9 Corey Luiget DT Illinois The Seattle Seahawks have major help on the defensive line that they have to address and Luiget would be a solid fit. Luiget is because I have him graded 31st out of 32 prospects, but Seattle needs someone on their defensive line so they reach for Luiget here.

22. Kansas City Chiefs 10-6 Akeem Ayers 3-4 LOLB UCLA Mike Vrabel is nearing retirement and this is a good place for Ayers to get drafted.

23. Green Bay Packers 10-6 Cameron Jordan 3-4 RE California Cameron Jordan gets drafted here because the Packers could use some depth at the 3-4 right end position.

24. New York Jets 11-5 Justin Blackmon WR Oklahoma State With Santonio Holmes and Braylon Edwards in contract years the New York Jets draft

25. Philadelphia Eagles Nate Soldier LT Colorado Philadelphia needs to improve their offensive line. Jason Peters allowed 13 sacks at left tackle, but got voted to the pro bowl so he will remain the starter Winston Justice and King Dunlap. Drafting Soldier as a backup for the future who can challenge Jason Peters for his job when he performs poorly is not necessarily a bad idea. Here is how my draft board looks at this point.

Chris Ransom’s draft board after the top 25
Gabe Carimi LT/RT Wisconsin 21st overall
Mike Pouncey C/LG/RG/LT/RT Florida 24th overall
Blaine Gabbert QB Missouri 25th overall
Anthony Castanzo LT Boston College 26th overall
Tyron Smith RT USC 28th overall

26. New Orleans Saints 11-5 Travis Lewis ROLB Oklahoma I have Travis Lewis graded out as the 33rd best player in the draft and the best player overall heading into round 2. New Orleans drafts a 2nd round player in round 1 and improves their linebacking core.

27. Baltimore Ravens 11-5 Allen Bailey 3-4 LE Miami FL Baltimore could use a 3-4 left end like Allen Bailey and other Baltimore Ravens that went to Miami FL include Ray Lewis and Ed Reed their 2 best defensive players. I do not see Baltimore passing on Allen Bailey now that Brandon Harris the Miami corner has decided to return to school, but Bailey is a senior graduating.

28. Pittsburgh Steelers 12-4 Gabe Carimi LT Wisconsin Max Starks neck injury is just as severe as the Marvel Smith injury that ended Smith’s career with the Steelers. Starks did well as a pass blocker in his first year when the Steelers won Super Bowl 43 and backup left tackle Jonathan Scott surrendered 18 sacks which is horrible. You do not draft a offensive tackle in the first round to have him play right tackle. You draft an offensive tackle to play left tackle in the first round. Starks will be 29 in a week so the 6 foot 7 320 pound Gabe Carimi would be a wise draft choice here. Below is a Gabe Carimi scouting report.


29. Indianapolis Colts 10-6 Anthony Costanzo LT Boston College Heading into the season Costanzo lacked the physical tools like physical ability, durability, and size to be an elite left tackle at 6 foot 6 280, but Costanzo possessed the mental attributes as an offensive tackle and put on 25 pounds. Costanzo has the best footwork of any offensive tackle after Colorado’s Nate Soldier.

30. Chicago Bears 11-5 Mike Pouncey C Florida Chicago’s entire offensive line is a mess, but since there is not a first round left tackle prospect available at this point in the NFL Draft Chicago has to draft Mike Pouncey and build the rest of their offensive line around Pouncey just like the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 2010 NFL Draft when they drafted Maurkice Pouncey. I predicted to many Steeler fans who questioned the Pouncey pick and wanted Mike Iupati instead if both Iupati and Pouncey were available that Pouncey would be better. Pouncey only surrendered 5 sacks this year and 4 of those came when he was double teamed by defenders while Mike Iupati surrendered 13 sacks as a pass blocker for the San Francisco 49ers only Alen Faneca of the Arizona Cardinals surrendered more sacks at the left guard position with 16 sacks. If I’m Chicago and I have to choose to build my offensive line around Mike Pouncey or right tackle Tyron Smith I choose Pouncey because Smith is 6 foot 5 290 pounds lacking the physical attributes to be an elite offensive tackle who can play left tackle in the NFL. Here’s an update of my draft board.

Chris Ransom’s draft board after 30 picks
Blaine Gabbert QB Missouri 25th overall
Tyron Smith RT USC 28th overall
Jonathan Baldwin WR Pittsburgh 32nd overall
Deunta Williams FS North Carolina 34th overall
Kyle Rudolph TE Notre Dame 35th overall

31. Atlanta Falcons 13-3 Kyle Rudolph TE Notre Dame Tony Gonzalez will retire in a few years and Kyle Rudolph is a smart and safe pick at this point in the NFL Draft.

32. New England Patriots 14-2 Ras I Dowling CB Virginia Ras I Dowling is 38th overall on my draft board and I some people have Williams going in the late portion of Round 1. Dowling may have some injury issues, but New England does not expect him to be a #1 corner with McCourty in New England. New England makes a reach for the 2nd round corner.

And now its time for a hillarious ESPN impression of a show called Behind the Scenes where sports anchors debate their thoughts behind the scenes.

Chris Berman sits at a draft table with Mel Kiper Jr and Todd McShay.

Berman: Mel, who do you believe is the best player available?

Kiper: Jonathan Baldiwn 6 foot 5 235 pounds has the size of a first round receiver. Had a 5 foot 7 quarterback at Pittsburgh and that really reduced the potential of what he could do as far as statistics go.

McShay interrupts Mel Kiper Jr.

McShay: Mel that’s where your so wrong.

Kiper: Go ahead McShay get whatever ridiculous statement you have to say off your chest so I can continue talking.

McShay: The best player not drafted in the first round is Missouri quarterback Blaine Gabbert. Gabbert should have gone in round 1, but Newton, Mallett, and Locker all went in the top 10 which is ridiculous. Its more ridiculous than Mel’s idea of Jimmy Clausen going in the first round ahead of Sam Bradford Mel.

Kiper: Todd first off Gabbert didn’t make my big board and I believe he is a 3rd round prospect at best with 5th round NFL talent. Second Jimmy Clausen had the pro style intangibles coming out of Notre Dame so many people thought Clausen would get drafted ahead of Bradford because like Gabbert. Sam Bradford didn’t have the pro style intangibles coming out of college.

McShay: Pro Style, Shmoe Style.

Kiper: Its adorable that you think Blaine Gabbert is the 2nd best quarterback in the draft. You never show any love for players at the quarterback position.

McShay: At least I know what quarterbacks are good Jimmy Clausen looks like a bust so far.

Kiper: I wasn’t the only person who said Clausen was a better pro prospect than Sam Bradford. Remember that walterfootball guy who runs walterfootball.com he said Jimmy Clausen would and should go ahead of Sam Bradford too.

McShay: WalterFootball is a joke Mel. Everyone knows draftcountdown with Scott Wright is the best football website to go to get information on Mock Drafts.

Kiper: Last week you told me Mike Mayock was the best mock draft source now your supporting draftcountdown.com and yes walterfootball is where its at.

Berman: Guys, if I wanted to hear someone’s nonsense thoughts on stuff I would have paid Emmitt Smith to hang out with us on draft weekend.

Kiper: At least Emmitt is a better draft analyst than Merrill Hodge. Because neither one makes sense, but Emmitt has a sense of humor.

McShay: No he is not. Merrill Hodge is amazing Mel.

Berman: Thanks for joining draft coverage for Day 1. We will be back for more thoughts after Day 2 and Day 3.

Now that the impression of ESPN’s draft coverage is over its time to mention the top 5 players available on my draft board.

Chris Ransom’s top 5 best players available after round 1
Blaine Gabbert QB Missouri 25th overall
Tyron Smith RT USC 28th overall
Jonathan Baldwin WR Pittsburgh 32nd
Deunta Williams FS North Carolina 34th
Michael Floyd WR Notre Dame 36th

Round 2

33. New England Patriots from Carolina Panthers 2-14 Tyron Smith RT USC The New England Patriots will need a offensive tackle if Matt Light leaves meaning New England moves Sebastian Vulmer to left tackle and allowing Tyron Smith to play right tackle. Nick Kaczur was in a contract year with the New England Patriots at right tackle, but since Sebastian Vulmer filled in for Nick Kaczur while Logan Mankins was on a holdout at left guard Kaczur will likely become a free agent in march. If New England brings back Logan Mankins.

34. Buffalo Bills 4-12 Blaine Gabbert QB Missouri Blaine Gabbert fits in Chan Gailey’s quarterback scheme. With gimmick spread quarterbacks. Plus Gabbert played in a gimmick shotgun spread offense at Missouri that is similar to the offense Chan Gailey ran at Georgia Tech before coming to the pros as a college football head coach. Blaine Gabbert also has the arm to combat the windy city of Buffalo so Bills fans will love AJ Green and Blaine Gabbert in rounds 1 and 2.

35. Cincinnati Bengals 4-12 Jonathan Baldwin WR Pittsburgh Jonathan Baldwin is a good round 2 player at this point in the 2011 NFL Draft and Baldwin has the size and catching ability to become a #1 wide receiver with Carson Palmer as the Bengals quarterback. Here is my scouting report of the Pittsburgh wide receiver.


36. Denver Broncos 4-12 Jerrell Powe NT Ole Miss Denver needs a nose tackle because Jamal Williams is getting older plus Powe can get some reps in when Williams fatigues.

37. Cleveland Browns 5-11 Michael Floyd WR Notre Dame I have the Cleveland Browns hiring Marty Mortenwig the Eagles offensive coordinator as their head coach I’m predicting Jim Zorn becomes the offensive coordinator for the Browns leaving the Ravens as the quarterback coach and I also have Mike Singletary joining the Browns as a defensive coordinator or linebacker coach depending on what Rob Ryan does plus I have Cleveland signing Matt Hasselbeck as a backup and possible mentor to Colt McCoy while they draft Nick Fairley as a 3-4 right end and draft Michael Floyd in round 2. What Browns fan would be unsatisfied with these offseason moves?

38. Arizona Cardinals 5-11 Aaron Williams CB Texas I believe Ras I Dowling and Aaron Williams are the two best cornerbacks at this point in the 2011 NFL Draft. Williams is the only legit corner available.

39. Tennessee Titans 6-10 Jurrell Casey DT USC Jurell Casey is a good defensive tackle and could make an impact as the Titans defensive tackle.

40. Dallas Cowboys 6-10 Deunta Williams FS North Carolina Deunta Williams is a great free safety prospect and has the potential to make great plays in zone coverage. He has the athletic flashy presence of a Chris Hope strong safety with the physical presence of a Ryan Clark free safety. Williams should immediately contribute in Dallas with a pass defense built around Terrence Newman, Prince Amukamara, along with backups Mike Jenkins and Orlando Scandrick.

It’s time to update the Chris Ransom Draft Board after the first 40 picks with my list of the 5 best players available.
Ryan Broyles WR Oklahoma 37th overall
Aaron Williams CB Texas 39th overall
Ryan Williams RB Virginia Tech 41st overall
Pat Devlin QB Delaware 42nd overall
Quan Sturdivant ROLB/3-4 MLB North Carolina 43rd overall

41. Washington Redskins 6-10 Ryan Broyles WR Oklahoma Let’s think here. You are building an offense around Jake Locker. You have two run blocking offensive tackles who zone block effectively in Trent Williams and Jamaal Brown. Your #1 wide receiver is Santana Moss and you do not have a #2 target. Your tight ends are Chris Cooley and Fred Davis and your running back Clinton Portis is declining in age and production. I believe Broyles gets drafted here. Trent Williams also went to college at Oklahoma and Williams is currently the Washington Redskins starting left tackle.

42. Houston Texans 6-10 Brandon Burton CB Utah The Houston Texans need a #2 corner next to 2010 first round pick Kareem Jackson. Houston finished 32nd in pass defense this season.

43. Minnesota Vikings 6-10 Pat Devlin QB Delaware I have the Minnesota Vikings getting Donovan McNabb by trade since Leslie Frazier was hired as a defensive backs coach the same year McNabb got drafted by the Eagles, but McNabb will not be a long term option and Leslie Frazier may decide to bring in a new guy to replace Joe Webb. I cannot criticize the Minnesota Vikings for selecting Pat Devlin with this selection here.

44. Detroit Lions Bruce Carter LOLB North Carolina Detroit drafts the best available player so I’m going to examine my draft board here to determine who Detroit takes. Here’s my current top 5 at pick 44 next update at pick 50.

Ryan Williams RB Virginia Tech 41st overall
Quan Sturdivant ROLB/3-4 MLB North Carolina 43rd overall
Bruce Carter LOLB/3-4 MLB North Carolina 44st overall
Joseph Barksdale LT/RT LSU 45th overall
Derek Sherrod LT Mississippi State 46th overall

Detroit drafted Jahvid Best in round 1 in 2010 and drafted Kevin Smith in round 3 in 2008. It would not be smart or logical to give up on that tandem so soon. Detroit has Julian Peterson at right outside linebacker and DeAndre Levy at middle linebacker in the 4-3 scheme. Detroit’s left outside linebacker only has 54 tackles on the year. I have no doubt Bruce Carter could do better as a left outside linebacker for the Lions.

45. San Francisco 49ers 6-10 Quan Sturdivant 3-4 MLB North Carolina What are the 49ers supposed to do here? San Francisco could move Navarro Bowman as a permanent backup inside linebacker in the 3-4 scheme. While Sturdivant can learn under Takeo Spikes and become a great starting 3-4 middle linebacker when Spikes retires.

46. Denver Broncos from Miami Dolphins 7-9 DeAndre McDaniel SS Clemson Denver’s defense gets another upgrade with DeAndre McDaniel the Clemson strong safety. Denver needs help at strong safety and McDaniel is a nice selection here.

47. St. Louis Rams 7-9 Ryan Williams RB Virginia Tech There are no 2nd round receivers at this point in the 2011 NFL Draft so the St. Louis Rams draft a running back who can come in and be an excellent #2 running back behind pro bowler Steven Jackson. Jackson will still have an impact, but he is aging to the point where the number of touches he has starts to affect his speed, burst, and durability.

48. Oakland Raiders 8-8 Stephen Wisnewski C Penn State Wisnewski has the talent to become an all pro center and Samson Satele could use a backup to challenge him for his job.

49. Jacksonville Jaguars 8-8 Kristopher O Dowd C USC When Brad Meester retires the Jaguars will need a new center.

50. San Diego Chargers Greg Jones 3-4 MLB Michigan State The San Diego Chargers could use a pass rusher on the inside of their 3-4 linebacking core who can make key tackles. Greg Jones is a perfect middle linebacker for the 3-4 scheme. Now it is time for another draft board update.

Chris Ransom’s Draft Board after the first 50 picks
Joseph Barksdale LT/RT LSU 45th overall
Derek Sherrod LT Mississippi State 46th overall
Mike LeShore RB Illinois 48th overall
Shane Vereen RB California 49th overall
DeMarco Murray RB Oklahoma 50th overall

51. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 10-6 Rahim Moore FS UCLA If Tanard Jackson gets suspended at Free Safety again look for the Buccaneers to find his replacement. Rahim Moore is a good pick at this point in the draft and Tanard Jackson played cornerback at Syracuse so maybe the Buccaneers want Jackson to move to cornerback with Aqib Talib when Ronde Barber retires. I do not believe that possibility is very likely, but I am not jumping to a conclusion and ruling that option out.

52. New York Giants 10-6 Mike LeShore RB Illinois Mike LeShore would be a great running back to compliment Ahmad Bradshaw in the backfield. I do not see Brandon Jacobs returning. Brandon Jacobs is bigger than Rashard Mendenhall with better size at 6 foot 1 239 pounds posting similar stats to Mendenhall while posting a 4.49 40 time.

53. Seattle Seahawks 7-9 Jeremy Beal LE Oklahoma Jeremy Beal would be a great upgrade to Seattle’s defensive line and I see no reason not to draft Jeremy Beal if your the Seattle Seahawks.

54. Green Bay Packers 10-6 Shane Vereen RB California If Ryan Grant gets injured again Green Bay will want a new running back. Even if Grant returns Green Bay could use someone to rotate the carries with Grant. Shane Vereen could be that running back to rotate with Ryan Grant.

55. Kansas City Chiefs 10-6 Chykie Brown CB Texas I have Chykie Brown graded out as the 69th best player in this draft, but teams reach for corners all the time.

56. New York Jets 11-5 Justin Houston 3-4 ROLB The New York Jets need a 3-4 right outside linebacker for the future.

57. Philadelphia Eagles 10-6 Curtis Brown CB Texas I have Curtis Brown graded out as the 70th best player in this draft. The Eagles get Curtis Brown and make him there #2 cornerback.

58. Baltimore Ravens 11-5 Joseph Barksdale RT LSU Joseph Barksdale would be a great right tackle who could compliment Michael Oher on Baltimore’s offensive line. Below is a link to my Joseph Barksdale scouting report.


59. New Orleans Saints 11-5 Lawrence Guy DT Arizona State Lawrence Guy has the talent to make an impact on a defensive line like the New Orleans Saints.

60. Pittsburgh Steelers Marcus Cannon RG TCU A lot of people say this team should draft Mike Pouncey, but Cannon is a right tackle who can move to right guard and move to right tackle in the long run. Here is what the Steelers offensive line looks like after their 2 first round picks.

Left Tackle Gabe Carimi first round pick Flozell Adams moves back to left tackle.
Left Guard Chris Kemoatu backup Ramon Foster
Center Maurkice Pouncey backup Dan Legursky
Right Guard Marcus Cannon backup Trai Essex
Right Tackle Max Starks and bringing back Willie Colon as a backup.

This offensive line is much more potent and effective offensive line for the Pittsburgh Steelers than the one they have heading into the postseason. The reason Pittsburgh won’t get to the AFC Title is because your offensive line is as only as good as your left tackle and Scott surrendered an average of at least 2 sacks a game which is unacceptable for a left tackle in the NFL. People who take pass blocking for granted are not sophisticated enough to comprehend what the Pittsburgh Steelers are capable of in the long run.

Now that I mentioned Cannon it is time for another big board update.
Chris Ransom’s big board after the first 60 picks.
Derek Sherrod LT Mississippi State 46th overall
DeMarco Murray RB Oklahoma 50th overall
Jared Crick DT Nebraska 58th overall
Greg Romeus RE Pittsburgh 59th overall
Jabaal Sheard LE Pittsburgh 60th overall

61. Indianapolis Colts 10-6 Jared Crick DT Nebraska Jared Crick is a great run stuffer and would help turn around a Colts run defense that is 25th in the NFL.

62. Chicago Bears 11-5 Derek Sherrod LT Mississippi State The Chicago Bears offensive line is such a mess that that they need a new left tackle after the Bears poor season on the offensive line. Getting Maurkice Pouncey in round 1 and a left tackle in round 2 like Joseph Barksdale, Derek Sherrod, or Matt Reynolds will really help Chicago’s offensive line in the long run.

63. Atlanta Falcons Jabaal Sheard LE Pittsburgh Shear is mainly a left end, but played some right end at Pittsburgh when Greg Romeus got injured. Sheard will start right away at left end next to Jonathan Abraham before making the switch to right end.

64. New England Patriots DeMarco Murray RB Oklahoma The New England Patriots need a running back to compliment Ben Jarvis Green Ellis and Danny Woodhead in the long run. Murray reminds me of Adrian Peterson when healthy and I cannot see him falling out of the 2nd round.

Here is a look at my draft board after round 2.
Greg Romeus RE Pittsburgh 59th overall
Matt Reynolds LT/LG BYU 61st overall
Kenny Tate SS Maryland 65th overall
Jordan Todman RB Connecticut 66th overall
Muhammed Wilkerson DT/NT Temple 67th overall

Round 3

65. Carolina Panthers 2-14 Greg Romeus RE Pittsburgh The Carolina Panthers need a right end and Charles Johnson will get double teamed often at left end because he finished the year with 11.5 sacks. Someone has to step up at right end and Tyler Brayon, Eric Norwood, Greg Hardy, and Everrette Brown have all failed so far. Romeus would be a wise selection here.

66. Cincinnati Bengals 4-12 Muhammed Wilkerson DT Temple The Cincinnati Bengals need a defensive tackle and Muhammed WIlkerson might be the best player available that fills a major need.

67. Denver Broncos 4-12 Nathan Enderle QB Idaho This is still Tim Tebow’s team, but the new regime might want his own signal caller to groom for the future. I have Enderle graded out as the 68th best player in the draft so Enderle has to be the pick here.

68. Buffalo Bills 4-12 Matt Reynolds LT BYU Buffalo needs a left tackle for the long run. Matt Reynolds is a good acquisition in round 3.

69. Arizona Cardinals 5-11 Benjamin Ijilana LT Villanova Levi Brown needs to move back to right tackle and Arizona needs to solidify their offensive line even if Ijilana fails to work out as a left tackle you can move him to left guard to replace Alen Faneca who surrendered 16 sacks more than any left guard in the NFL.

70. Cleveland Browns 5-11 Darius Moore RT Temple Cleveland needs to add some depth to the left
Chris Ransom’s draft board Top 5 Players Available
Kenny Tate SS Maryland 65th overall
Jordan Todman RB Connecticut 66th overall
Marvin Austin DT North Carolina 71st overall
DeMarcus Love RT/LT Arkansas 74th overall
Ricky Stanzi QB Iowa 75th overall

71. Dallas Cowboys 6-10 Kenny Tate SS Maryland Dallas continues to upgrade this secondary adding Kenny Tate along with Deunta Williams FS North Carolina and Prince Amukamara CB Nebraska.

72. New Orleans Saints from Washington Redskins 6-10 Jordan Todman RB Connecticut With Durability issues starting to catch up Pierre Thomas and Reggie Bush Jordan Todman would make a nice selection here as a 3rd string running back.

73. Houston Texans 6-10 Marvin Austin DT North Carolina The Houston Texans draft Marvin Austin as a potential defensive tackle. When your 29th in points allowed, 30th in total yards allowed and last in passing yards allowed along with being 13th in run defense out of 32 teams you need to take the best defensive players available. Houston did well offensively, but played poor defensively. I like Austin going to the Texans here.

74. New England Patriots from Minnesota Vikings 6-10 Ricky Stanzi QB Iowa I know Brian Hoyer looked good, but Stanzi is one of the better players available here and would make a great developmental quarterback to groom behind Tom Brady. Also Hoyer threw 2 picks against the Cleveland Browns when New England lost so Stanzi would be a good fit for New England here considering most of their needs are available at this point.

75. Detroit Lions 6-10 DeMarcus Love RT Arkansas DeMarcus Love is a right tackle that could eventually work out as a left tackle. Love is the best available player on my draft board and the Lions always draft the best available player regardless of need. Here is an updated version of my draft board after the first 75 picks.

Chris Ransom’s Draft Board After first 75 Picks
Jimmy Smith CB Colorado 76th overall
Jalil Brown CB Colorado 77th overall
Titus Young WR Boise State 78th overall
Austin Pettis WR Boise State 79th overall
Leonard Hankerson WR Miami FL 80th overall

76. San Francisco 49ers 6-10 Jimmy Smith CB Colorado The 49ers need a corner and when they took Quan Sturdivant as a 3-4 middle linebacker to succeed Takeo Spikes in round 2 of my mock draft. Smith is the best player available plus he fills a big need. There is no reason for San Francisco to pass on Smith if they cannot get a legit corner in round 2. Moving Taylor Mays to cornerback would be a huge mistake for the 49ers because he gets beat in man to man coverage.

77. Tennessee Titans 6-10 Jalil Brown CB Colorado I considered putting Vanderbilt middle linebacker Chris Marve here, but after doing some research I found out Stephen Tulloch the Titans middle linebacker has 159 tackles on the year. That is really good for a middle linebacker averaging nearly 10 tackles a game every game. Tennessee’s secondary got 12 interceptions this year, but was 29th out of 32 teams in pass defense. The pass defense can be upgraded and I believe drafting Jalil Bell is a smart option here.

78. St. Louis Rams 7-9 Titus Young WR Boise State Because the Rams drafted Stephen Paea DT Oregon State a top 10 pick in round 1 and took Ryan Williams as a rotational back in round 2 of my mock draft they finally get Sam Bradford that #1 target he desperately needs, but Young becomes a #2 option in 2012 when the Rams draft a receiver in the first round.

79. Miami Dolphins 7-9 Christian Ponder QB Florida State I have Miami getting a new coach, trading for Vince Young, and drafting a quarterback for the future in case Young fails to behave again. Miami needs a quarterback and Ponder is the 5th best player available at this point on my draft board plus he fits a huge need so Miami has to take him here.

80. Jacksonville Jaguars 8-8 Will Hill FS Florida Jacksonville never addressed a potential replacement for Reggie Nelson. Will Hill makes a good fit for the Jaguars here. Now it is time for a draft board update.
Chris Ransom’s draft Board
Austin Pettis WR Boise State 79th overall
Leonard Hankerson WR Miami FL 80th overall
Greg Salas WR Hawaii 81st overall
Dwayne Harris WR East Carolina 82nd overall
Rashad Carmichael CB Virginia Tech 85th overall

81. Oakland Raiders 8-8 Austin Pettis WR Boise State I asked my magic 8 ball if Al Davis would be wowed by Austin Pettis’s 40 time this year at the NFL Combine. The 8 ball responded Absolutely. Therefore I am mocking Pettis to the Raiders.

82. San Diego Chargers 9-7 Leonard Hankerson WR Miami FL Leonard Hankerson has the size to be a tall red zone threat for the Chargers and I see no reason for San Diego to pass on him.

83. New York Giants 10-6 Rashad Carmichael CB Virginia Tech New York could use an upgrade on their secondary and Carmichael looks like the best player available who fits a need for the Giants.

84. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 10-6 Kendrick Burney CB North Carolina The Buccaneers draft Burney so they have a cornerback for the future. So they can keep Tanard Jackson at free safety. Kendrick Burney is graded out as the 95th best available player in my mock draft.

85. San Diego Chargers from Seattle Seahawks 7-9 Jeron Johnson SS Boise State San Diego could use a strong safety to play across from free safety Eric Weddle at free safety and Jeron Johnson is an upcoming sleeper in this draft.

86. Kansas City Chiefs 10-6 Greg Salas WR Hawaii Greg Salas is one of the sleepers at wide receiver in this draft. If you do not believe me read a scouting report I made about him after his game at the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl.


87. Green Bay Packers 10-6 Davon House CB New Mexico State The Green Bay Packers need a successor to Charles Woodson and Davon House has all the tools at cornerback to be that player when Woodson retires. Tramon Williams would become the #1 corner and Davon House would be the #2 cornerback for the Green Bay Packers. Davon House is graded out as my 96th best player in the 2011 NFL Draft.

88. San Diego Chargers from New York Jets 11-5 Donta Hightower 3-4 MLB Alabama San Diego drafts Donta Hightower and solidifies their offensive line.

89. Philadelphia Eagles 10-6 John Moffitt LG Wisconsin John Moffitt is the best left guard at this point and possibly a potential steal.

90. Baltimore Ravens 11-5 Dwayne Harris WR East Carolina Baltimore will need a long term receiver with Derrick Mason nearing retirement and Houshmenzadeh in a contract year with the Ravens. Stallworth also got signed to a 1 year deal.
Now it is time for a draft board update
Chris Marve MLB Vanderbilt 87th overall
Steven Friday LE Virginia Tech 88th overall
Rodney Husdon LG Florida State 90th overall
Simone Fua NT Stanford 91st overall
Christian Ballard DT/3-4 LE Iowa 92nd overall

91. New Orleans Saints 11-5 Steven Friday LE Virginia Tech Steven Friday was the only returning starter on this Virginia Tech defense and it would not hurt New Orleans to draft Friday here.

92. Pittsburgh Steelers 12-4 Simone Fua NT Stanford He might not be big, physical, 6 foot 5 350 pounds, but Fua has the intangibles to play nose tackle plus if the Steelers do not want to start him right away they can have Fua sit on the bench and work out in the weight room while Casey Hampton teaches Fua the art of devouring a double bacon cheeseburger at McDonalds while Fua is learning to stuff the run, sack the quarterback, put pressure on the quarterback, and sign autographs for Steeler fans. Also Chris Hoke will be on the team for assistance.

93. Indianapolis Colts 10-6 Mason Foster ROLB Washington I have Mason Foster ranked 98th overall on my draft board as a 4th round prospect, but when your picking late in the 3rd round you can reach for a 4th round prospect.

94. Chicago Bears 11-5 Chris Marve MLB Vanderbilt Chicago sure loves Commodore players. Anyway I got the Bears drafting Marve as their successor to Brian Urlacher when he retires.

95. Atlanta Falcons 13-3 Christian Ballard DT Iowa I would be lying to myself if I said Atlanta needed no depth at the defensive tackle position. Christian Ballard is a good draft prospect and he fits the bill for a defensive tackle if you want to draft one at this point in the 2011 NFL Draft.

96. New England Patriots 14-2 Rodney Hudson LG Florida State New England drafts Rodney Hudson and continues to solidify the offensive line position.

Chris Ransom’s Draft Board After Round 3 My Top 5 Best Players Available
Donta Hightower 3-4 MLB Alabama 93rd overall
Kelvin Sheppard MLB LSU 94th overall
Jack Crawford RE/3-4 ROLB Penn State 97th overall
Jarvis Jenkins DT Clemson 99th overall
Mike Mohammed 3-4 LOLB California 100th overall

Round 4

97. Carolina Panthers 2-14 Jarvis Jenkins DT Clemson The Carolina Panthers need a defensive tackle and Jarvis Jenkins is the top defensive tackle prospect here. Look for Jenkins to provide an impact for the Carolina Panthers.

98. Seattle Seahawks from New England Patriots via Denver Broncos 4-12 Stanley Havill FB USC Pete Carroll drafts the best fullback in the country that attends his former coaching gig USC.

99. Buffalo Bills 4-12 Jack Crawford 3-4 ROLB Penn State Aaron Maybin has not worked out as a 3-4 right outside linebacker and if Jack Crawford is available in round 4 Buffalo could draft Crawford and move Aaron Maybin back to the left outside linebacker position.

100. Cincinnati Bengals 4-12 Kelvin Sheppard MLB LSU With Rey Maualuga and Keith Rivers at outside linebacker Cincinnati will want to groom a successor to the 32 year old Dhani Jones. Now it is time for another draft board update because I have to mention the top 5 best players available after every few picks.

Chris Ransom’s Draft Board after the top 100 picks

Donta Hightower 3-4 MLB Alabama 93rd
Mike Mohammed 3-4 LOLB California 100th
Nate Potter LT/LG Boise State 102nd
Kendrick Ellis NT Hampton 103rd
Ahmad Black SS Florida 104th

101. Cleveland Browns 5-11 Mike Mohammed 3-4 LOLB California Mike Mohammed would make a great successor to Scott Fujita or Matt Roth plus he could be an effective backup as a 3-4 LOLB in round 4 who could blend in and become a starter.

102. Arizona Cardinals 5-11 Donta Hightower 3-4 MLB Alabama Arizona needs to add some depth with their 3-4 middle linebacker core.

103. Philadelphia Eagles from Washington Redskins 6-10 Matt Sczur WR Villanova Philadelphia may decide to draft the hometown kid from Villanova and make him a slot receiver behind DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin on the depth chart.

104. Houston Texans 6-10 Quentin Carter FS Oklahoma Houston needs some desperate help at free safety and by drafting Quentin Carter the Texans can finally have a free safety who makes big plays.

105. Minnesota Vikings 6-10 Nate Potter LG Boise State Steve Hutchinson got placed on injured reserve. He is currently 33 years old and turns 34 in November. If Nate Potter returns for his senior year he could climb into the late portion of round 1, but if he leaves early for the NFL he is a 4th round prospect. Right now I have him declaring unless he announces on returning.

106. Detroit Lions 6-10 Ahmad Black SS Florida Black is the best available player and right now at this point in the draft I believe Detroit drafts Black and pairs him up with Florida teammate Janoris Jenkins who I have Detroit taking in round 1.

107. San Francisco 49ers 6-10 Kendrick Ellis NT Hampton I know Aubrayo Franklin got a 5 year extension, but the 49ers do not have a 2nd nose tackle for the 3-4 that can split time with Franklin if he fatigues or gets injured. San Francisco drafts Kendrick Ellis for depth.

108. Tennessee Titans 6-10 DJ Williams TE Arkansas I have DJ Williams ranked 111th so Williams is a good fit for a team that wants more depth at tight end.

109. Dallas Cowboys 6-10 Ronald Johnson WR USC If Dallas parts ways with Roy Williams they will need a new receiver it would not hurt to get #5 receiver in Dallas to challenge Patrick Crayton for that #4 spot. Also Crayton probably wants out in Dallas meaning Ronald Johnson is the pick here.

110. Miami Dolphins 7-9 Nate Williams SS Washington Nate Williams may be the best strong safety available. Miami must take some action to upgrade their pass defense. Here is an update of my draft board with the top 5 best available players
Jaiquan Jarrett SS Temple 107th
Zach Pianalto TE North Carolina 112th
Lance Kendricks TE Wisconsin 113th
Luck Stocker TE Tennessee 114th
Greg Little WR North Carolina 115th

111. St. Louis Rams 7-9 Jaiquan Jarrett SS Temple St. Louis drafts Jarrett and gets a strong safety to team up with OJ Atogwe at free safety.

112. Oakland Raiders 8-8 Zach Pianalto TE North Carolina Oakland drafts a #2 tight end with a great 40 time.

113. Jacksonville Jaguars 8-8 Daniel Thomas RB Kansas State Jacksonville drafts Daniel Thomas and uses him as a wildcat back.

114. San Francisco 49ers from San Diego Chargers 9-7 Greg Little WR North Carolina I know the 49ers have Josh Morgan and Ted Ginn competing for the #2 spot, but its not like the 49ers have an elite #2 target. Greg Little to San Francisco in round 4 is a good pick.

115. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 10-6 Daniel Johnson Kulianos WR Iowa Tampa Bay needs a slot receiver and Kulianos has a chance to be that slot target for the Buccaneers.

116. New York Giants 10-6 Lance Kendricks TE Wisconsin Lance Kendicks has the hands to be a solid backup tight end in goal line situations behind Kevin Boss.

117. Buffalo Bills from Seattle Seahawks 7-9 Luke Stocker TE Tennessee Luke Stocker has all the tools to be a successful tight end for the Buffalo Bills and with Shawn Nelson always getting injured why not take a chance on Stocker. At one point Stocker was a first round pick. Stocker could be the next Jason Witten if he stays healthy. That is how good Luke Stocker is.

118. Kansas City Chiefs 10-6 Jerrell Jernigan WR Troy Kansas City gets another playmaking wide receiver to add to their supporting cast.

119. Green Bay Packers 10-6 Tory Guirley WR South Carolina Guirley will make a nice #5 wide receiver on Green Bay’s starting lineup mainly used as a backup until Donald Driver retires.

120. New York Jets 11-5 Torrey Smith WR Maryland New York takes a 2nd receiver for depth in round 4.
Here is my final draft board with every 4th round prospect remaining
Pernell McPhee LE Mississippi State 121st overall
Dontay Moch LE Nevada 122nd overall
Adrian Robinson LE Temple 123rd overall
Tandon Doss WR Indiana 124th overall
Noel Devine RB West Virginia 125th overall
Kendal Hunter RB Oklahoma State 126th overall
Lawrence Wilson ROLB Connecticut 127th overall
Alex Linnenkohl C Oregon State 128th overall

121. Philadelphia Eagles 10-6 Pernell McPhee LE Mississippi State McPhee seems like an Andy Reed type guy on the defensive line plus the Eagles drafted his teammate Jamar Chaney at middle linebacker last year.

122. Jacksonville Jaguars from New Orleans Saints 11-5 Dontay Moch LE Nevada A left end that Jacksonville can add for depth in the draft.

123. Baltimore Ravens 11-5 Alex Linnenkohl C Oregon State Alex Linnekohl could be the successor to Matt Birk at center for the Baltimore Ravens. I have Linnekohl ranked 128th out of my 4th round prospects.

124. Pittsburgh Steelers 12-4 Noel Devine RB West Virginia I’m not really sure what the Steelers can do here. They either reach for a 5th round prospect or they take a 5 foot 9 175 pound running back with great speed and kick returning ability. Look on the bright side Steeler fans Noel Devine is twice the running back Jonathan Dwyer will ever be. And Pittsburgh drafted Dwyer a mid round prospect who had first round grades by some draft experts in the 6th round. Devine is an elusive flashy back with elite spinning and juke moves and can make a great 1 2 punch with a power back like Rashard Mendenhall.

125. Indianapolis Colts 10-6 Kendal Hunter RB Oklahoma State If the Colts running backs get injured again the Colts will want to take a back that they can groom for the long run like Kendall Hunter.

126. Chicago Bears 11-5 Adrian Robinson LE Temple Adrian Robinson can earn his way on the Bears defensive line as a starter. Robinson could make big plays with offensive lines constantly double teaming Julius Peppers.

127. Atlanta Falcons 13-3 Lawrence Wilson ROLB Connecticut Atlanta could use a backup at right outside linebacker and Wilson fits the bill for what Falcons head coach Mike Smith looks for in a 4-3 right outside linebacker.

128. New England Patriots 14-2 Tandon Doss WR Indiana New England adds another long term option at wide receiver to make their offense with Tom Brady even deadlier than ever before.

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