Brett Favre might return but it won't be with the Minnesota Vikings

By ericschmidt

We all listened to Brett Favre at the podium on Sunday night as he talked about having no regrets coming back to play in 2010, saying he was done. Yeah. Yeah. Brett Favre might return but it won’t be with the Minnesota Vikings in 2011. Those words are straight from the Minnesota Vikings new head coach, Leslie Frazier. At least things are getting off on the right foot.

Speaking at his press conference yesterday, Frazier said, “I can not think of any circumstance where I would pick up the phone and say “Brett do you want to come back next season?” I can’t think of any circumstance where that would occur.” Thank you Coach Frazier.

It is likely that we have seen the end of Favre playing on Sunday afternoons. But you just never know with this cat. By the time training camp opens next summer, he’ll get the itch to play. Reporters will be at Oak Grove watching him lob passes around and then the questions will start all over again. Fine, but let him be the focus of drama for some other team to worry about, the Vikings have too many serious issues on their plate right now.

The Vikings are going to need a quarterback, and simply, Favre is not the answer. First of all, I don’t believe that Frazier would let Favre simply cruise into camp in week three of training camp without attending all the practices and assume the starting role. Yes, the Vikings need a quarterback, but one for the future, not simply one for just next year. Minnesota tried that experiment, and it failed.

Perhaps Minnesota will decide to go with Joe Webb and sign a veteran free agent to back him up. Maybe they take a chance with Cam Newton if he is still on the board with the 12th pick overall. Regardless, with all of the offseason questions surrounding the future of the Vikings, Favre should not be in the mix.

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