Del Rio Knows 2011 Will Be Last Opportunity To Prove Himself

By Joey Farbo

After the past two seasons Jack Del Rio has been called into the principal’s office to explain why his teams have collapsed in the last quarter of the season but has managed to keep his job.

Maybe if coaching doesn’t end up working out for Del Rio, he will have a bright future in sales.

The Jacksonville media and fans have dubbed him Teflon Jack for his ability to come out unscathed from situations that would doom most NFL head coaches.

However, after Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver laid out a playoffs or bust mandate for the 2011 season, Del Rio won’t get the chance to sell himself if the Jaguars find themselves out of the playoffs for the fourth consecutive season.

In 2011 the Jaguars will be entering the third season of a roster overhaul.  It will be up to the young building blocks that both Weaver and Del Rio mentioned in their press conferences to elevate the team to the next level.  This young Jaguars team has been close the past two seasons to getting into the playoffs, but if the team can’t break down that wall next season then it would be impossible to point to anything that would suggest this franchise is improving.

Cheer up Jaguars fan, we have been put in a situation where we can’t lose.  For us the 2011 season will result in a triumphant return to the playoffs, or another opportunity at a high draft pick and a new head coach.

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