Kobe Bryant Joins LeBron James, Michael Jordan, and President Obama on the Michael Vick Bandwagon

By Bryn Swartz

Eagles quarterback Michael Vick will not win the MVP this season.

But he should win the MPP. The Most Popular Player award.

Vick has become almost a legend this season. He’s received tweets from LeBron James and Michael Jordan.

President Obama called the Eagles a week ago to congratulate the team for giving Vick a second chance.

And now Kobe Bryant has jumped on the Vick bandwagon.

Bryant, who grew up near Philadelphia, sent Michael Vick an autographed jersey of himself, with the message, “Be epic!” written on on the “2” of 24.

Vick says he is a big fan of Kobe Bryant, notably Bryant’s five career rings.

Kobe can watch with the rest of the world, including LeBron, Michael, and Barack, as Vick and the Eagles try to extend their magical season against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday.

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