New Orleans Saints 11-5 VS Seattle Seahawks 7-9 Live Game Blog

By Chris Ransom

This is Chris Ransom bringing you a live blog between the New Orleans Saints who are 11-5 and the Seattle Seahawks who won the NFC West with a 7-9 record.

The New Orleans Saints will have two key players sitting out due to injury tight end Jimmy Graham and free safety Malcolm Jenkins will miss this game with injuries. Maybe Seattle can use this to their advantage by throwing to their slot receiver.

Kickoff is about to begin in Seattle at Qwest Field. I wonder how the Seattle crowd factors into this game.

Brees fires a quick pass to Shockey and the Saints get the ball to start the game. Brees follows that up with a screen pass to Reggie Bush great pass blocking so far by the Saints offensive line.

New Orleans calls a time out and this is a good time out by the Saints because Seattle has the momentum.

So far the Saints have passed on 16 plays and ran on 12 plays while the Seahawks have passed on 12 plays while only running on 5 plays. While both of their backs have averaged 6 yards a carry.

Seatle’s secondary looks mentally unprepared. Colston with a great play at wide receiver. Marques Colston follows that up by failing to catch a touchdown pass. Good coverage by Seattle, but there having trouble keeping up with the Saints speed on offense.

That is the second time Bushrod failed to execute an assignment, but Chris Clemons was offsides at right end. When your a left tackle you cannot fail to execute assignments and you have to protect the quarterback without getting stupid penalties like holding or false start.

New Orleans secondary cannot miss these tackles. That was poor execution by Tracy Porter.

Matt Hasselbeck looked bad moving out of the pocket and Jabari Greer gets an interception after middle linebacker Jonathan Vilma executes a hard hit on one of Seattle’s receivers.

Poor execution by New Orleans Jermon Bushrod failed to pass block for Brees forcing Brees to move out of the pocket. Reggie Bush drops an easy pass for a running back that he needs to catch. New Orleans gets a field goal and scores first with a 3 to 0 lead.

Its time to see what Matt Hasselbeck can do at quarterback for the Seahawks. If Hasselbeck cannot execute this will be a long day for Seattle.

Nice first down by New Orleans. Their running game with Reggie Bush has been real sluggish up to this point. I wonder if that changes as the game progresses.

Earl Thomas saves a touchdown keeping the Saints from gaining a 10 point lead.

Lofa Taputu with a great tackle at middle linebacker for Seattle nice run blocking by New Orleans opening up the lane.

Walter Thurmond is the frontrunner for my Come On Man award this weekend. What was Thurmond thinking pass interference in the red zone on Saints wide receiver Lance Moore.

Great team execution by the Saints with the Saints pass blockers on the offensive line Drew Brees firing the pass to fullback Heath Evans. New Orleans leads 10 to 0 in the first quarter.

My dad wants to make a bold prediction Seattle turns the ball over in 5 plays I say 7 plays. Let’s see if Hasselbeck can redeem himself. This would be a great time to hook up with tight end John Carlson at tight end. Maybe firing the football to slot receiver Brandon Stokley will help. Stokley used to be a slot receiver for Peyton Manning back in the day.

Look at Marshawn Lynch go. That was a nice gain by Lynch. The Saints drafted Patrick Robinson in the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft and he looked poor in coverage against Mike Williams. When your drafted in the first round you get paid to cover well at cornerback. Seattle fires to Ben Obomanu Jabari Greer misses a tackle and Obomanu gets injured after the play.

Greer is good in coverage and getting interceptions, but he keeps missing tackles.

Another big play by Lynch. I say keep giving the ball to Lynch.

That’s a hat trick for Greer. Greer has missed 3 tackles in the first quarter.

John Carlson did step up at tight end for the Seahawks. Great pass blocking by Seattle with Russell Okung at left tackle. Poor zone coverage by New Orleans, but their safeties were anticipating the blitz. New Orleans leads 10 to 7.

Brees makes the right read on a 5 step drop, but he held on to the ball too long. Colston gets another key reception for the Saints.

New Orleans run blockers did their job, but Reggie Bush failed to move the chains.

Nice catch by Colston in double coverage with those linebackers covering Marques Colston.

Brees fires to Meachem for a Saints first down. There is a reason Zach Streif is a backup right tackle. It is because he commits too many false start penalties.

Great blitz by Seattle they caught New Orleans offensive line off guard. New Orleans leads Seattle 10 to 7 after one quarter. Matt Hasselbeck has displayed great accuracy so far going 6 for 7 after one quarter. That one incompletion was the interception by Jabari Greer who is the Saints best cornerback.

The second quarter is about to begin.

Great footwork by the Saints pass blockers on the offensive line. Jonathan Stinchcomb displayed the footwork you look for in a right tackle on that block. Jeremy Shockey makes the key reception for a Saints first down on the play.

Great speed by Julius Jones. Touchdown Saints Jones rushes into the end zone. Do any Seattle fans regret releasing Julius Jones? He did not perform last year and it was time to move on plus Marshawn Lynch has played well for Seattle. New Orleans leads 17 to 7. As New Orleans strikes first in the 2nd quarter.

Hasselbeck has really done well so far excluding the interception, but he has played conservative only throwing the short and medium passes. The John Carlson catch was a medium route where Carlson ran for a big distance after making the catch. I would like to see Matt go to the deep passing game. Like Brees did with Colston earlier in the first quarter.

Not only is Patrick Robinson bad in coverage he also makes rookie mistakes like defensive pass interference.

Each team has 2 timeouts now that Seattle just called a timeout.

Seattle goes to the deep ball now and both plays result in big success. Great pass blocking by Seattle. When your quarterback tries to throw the deep ball the offensive line has to buy him a lot of time by pass blocking in pass protection. Seattle’s front five on the offensive line did their job and Matt Hasselbeck threw a touchdown to John Carlson. Carlson scores again and New Orleans leads 17 to 14 over the Seahawks.

Seattle’s 12th man helps New Orleans lose 5 yards. Marques Colston could not make the catch he is wide open despite being covered in press coverage by 2 defenders.

Justin Forsett shows great elusiveness with the spin move on that rush.

The footwork was their for Seattle’s offensive lineman, but their pass blocking was off and why was Saints right end Will Smith covering the Saints running back.

Great man coverage by the New Orleans Saints blanketing Seattle’s wide receivers. Seattle punts the ball and the Saints get the football back.

Raheem Brock with an excellent forced fumble for the Seattle Seahawks. Seattle gets the ball.

Marshawn Lynch with another 6 yard gain. Seattle’s running game looks much better in the postseason.

Seattle with a chance to tie the game and Olindo Mare makes the kick this game is tied at 17.

Mike Mayock has done well commentating this game NBC should replace Cris Collinsworth with Mike Mayock.

Raheem Brock gets by Jonathan Stinchcomb at right tackle and Brees holds on to the ball for too long despite Seattle’s amazing man coverage. Blanketing New Orleans receivers on the play.

Once again poor pass blocking and great footwork by this Seattle offensive line. Will Smith gets by the offensive line and rookie left tackle Russell Okung misses his assignment.

Great execution by Hasselbeck and Williams. The offensive line was having trouble with the blitz and Hasselbeck takes a 3 step drop and delivers a quick release to Mike Williams.

Its time to move the chains. I usually say that when a key play is being spotted on 3rd down.

Payton better throw the red flag if he wants to challenge the play it looks like Payton won’t challenge and the game goes to the 2 minute warning and each team has 1 timeout left in the half.

I’m going to go get dinner at halftime so some of the Live Blog might not be updated when the 2nd half starts.

Hasselbeck 0/2 when throwing while running out of the pocket. Great run by Justin Forsett gaining 7 yards on the play.

Seattle’s pass blockers do a great job of containing the pass rushers and Stokley breaks lose for 6 points. Seattle gains the lead for the first time today with a 24 to 17 lead. Seattle has scored 17 unanswered.

Poor man coverage by Marcus Trufant at corner, but he does a great job playing zone and press coverage as Devery Henderson makes a clutch catch.

Great fundamentals by Lance Moore catching the ball and running out of bounds to stop the clock.

Seattle pressures Brees and Bushrod blows his 3rd assignment by failing to contain a defender. Incomplete pass 50 seconds remain in the half.

2nd dropped pass by Colston 3rd down 45 seconds. Drew Brees fires to Lance Moore first down. Brees spikes the ball and their are 30 seconds left in the half with a 2nd and 10 situation for the Saints.

Reggie Bush steps out of bounds after making the catch 24 seconds remain 3rd and 5 for New Orleans.

Brees scrambles first down Saints and the Saints spike the ball with 9 seconds left.

Oh when the Saints go Marching in. They get an extra second Oh when the Saints go marching in.

Great hard hitting by Seattle’s linebackers forcing the Saints to kick a field goal. 3 seconds left in the half.

Seahawks lead 24 to 20 at halftime. New Orleans threw the ball 27 times and ran it 14 times on 41 plays while Seattle threw the ball 18 times and ran it 11 times on 29 plays. New Orleans lack of balance has really hurt this team so far. I just do not understand why the Saints were running up the scoreboard after leading Seattle early in the game. I’m going to dinner now so I might miss something big, but I’ll make sure to mention it when I get back.

Third Quarter

Matt Hasselbeck fires a pass to Mike Williams Seattle gets a touchdown and Seattle leads 31 to 20.

Seattle gets a field goal and leads 34 to 20 after 3 quarters.

Fourth Quarter

Julius Jones rushes into the end zone in the end zone and the Saints cut the lead to 7 points 34 to 27.

The New Orleans Saints get a field goal and trail Seattle 34 to 30.

Marshawn Lynch with a 67 yard run to give Seattle an 11 point lead. Seattle leads 41 to 30.

Devery Henderson catches a pass from Drew Brees. New Orleans trails 41 to 36 and goes for two, but they fail. New Orleans goes for an onside kick and Seattle recovers. Seattle wins 41 to 30.

Game Summary
Drew Brees went 39/60 with 404 passing yards 2 passing touchdowns, and no interceptions, but threw into coverage on 7 of his 21 incompletions. Devery Henderson had a solid game with 7 receptions for 77 receiving yards. Seattle’s offensive line kept New Orleans from sacking the quarterback and Raheem Brock had a great game with a sack and a forced fumble for the Seahawks. Matt Hasselbeck went 23/35 with 4 touchdowns and 1 interception and the one interception came before the four passing touchdowns. Marshawn Lynch had 19 carries for 131 rushing yards and a score. New Orleans’s defense really struggled to contain the passing game in coverage and struggled to stuff the run as Seattle’s running game averaged nearly 6 yards a carry. Any time a running game averages 6 yards a carry your defense is going to struggle. Hasselbeck’s accuracy was the difference too. New Orleans did a good job pass rushing, but they could not record a sack. Besides the pass rushers New Orleans defense completely looked lost tonight and that is why Seattle won this game.


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