New York Jets 11-5 VS Indianapolis Colts 10-6 Live Game Blog

By Chris Ransom

Indianapolis gets the ball to start the game.

Peyton Manning fires a 9 yard pass to Pierre Garcon to start the game.

Brodney Pool with a great tackle to contain the counter run on 3rd down. You usually do not see strong safeties make tackles on counter running plays.

The Jets have the ball now and it appears Santonio Holmes fumble the football.

Jim Caldwell must want that football back or he wants to hear the crowd boo the Jets again because that clearly did not look like a fumble after watching the play again.

Colts lose a timeout and hold the Jets in check. Colts get the ball back.

I do not believe Addai played to his potential here because the run blockers on he Colts opened up the lane, but the Jets defenders made the tackles. Blair White makes a catch. 3rd and 1. Manning to Blair White again, but Brodney Pool with another stop on 3rd down with a key tackle.

The Indianapolis Colts punt back to the New York Jets.

Daniel Muir pronounced Mule makes Mark Sanchez look like a pacmule a type of donkey horse hybrid when sacking Mark Sanchez. Dwight Freeney got pressure on DeBrickishaw Ferguson the Jets left tackle.

Jerrio Cotchery gets a first down and the Jets give Cotchery the ball because defenses expect the Jets to throw to Santonio Holmes and Braylon Edwards.

Shonn Green’s helmet just fell off on that gang tackle. 3rd and 8 for the Jets. Sanchez fires a pass and Holmes only tries to catch the ball with one hand, but fails. 4th down and the Jets punt the ball back to the Colts.

Ryan Diem is not playing at right tackle for the Colts which explains why the Colts running game has been lackluster with Joseph Addai so far.

Peyton’s accuracy was off on the short pass on that play and Peyton Manning usually has pinpoint accuracy on the short ball. Colts punt the football again.

Nice counter play by Shonn Green the Jets offensive line was clogged and Shonn Green gained 3 yards on the play.

Dwight Freeney gets by Ferguson again in the first quarter. Sanchez fails to convert on third down and the Jets punt to the Colts.

Peyton Manning throws to former Colt once again a Colt Dominic Rhodes who catches the play for 13 yards. Then he loses 3 yards after Manning hands off the ball to Rhodes. 2nd and 13 for the Colts.

Pierre Garcon catches a pass and runs through the pass blockers on the Colts offensive line like a running back. And Garcon is a wide receiver. Dominic Rhodes runs through the Jets defenders and the Colts get a first down.

David Harris made an incredible tackle on the play and this game is scoreless after one quarter. Let’s take a look at the defensive players that stood out for both teams. For the Jets the key players are David Harris and Brodney Pool who have 4 tackles each. Pool made 2 of his 4 tackles on 3rd down. Muir had 2 tackles and a sack while Colts Middle Linebacker Gary Brackett had 2 tackles despite playing injured. Dwight Freeney pressured Mark Sanchez twice in this contest.

Second Quarter

Jacob Tamme fights for the extra yards at tight end despite being press covered by Dwight Lowery.

Tamme catches another pass and David Harris records his 5th tackle of the game and were barely in the 2nd quarter.

Great man coverage by Antonio Cromartie. Cromartie made a nice swat to force the football out of bounds too.

Joseph Addai sees an opening by the offensive line, but the Jets close the opening and make a tackle for no gain. Good run defense by the Jets.

Reggie Wayne attempts to invade Revis Island, but fails as Revis makes a key tackle on 3rd down to keep the Indianapolis Colts from converting a first down.

David Harris has 6 tackles for the Jets. I wonder what the record is for most tackles in a playoff game. Harris may be on pace to break Ray Lewis’s record for 17 tackles in 2 playoff games.

Freeney gets by Ferguson again and puts pressure on Sanchez, but Sanchez gets rid of the football and throws a screen pass up the middle to Tomlinson.

Braylon Edwards makes an acrobatic catch and no one covered Edwards on the play.

Pat Angerer has done a good job adjusting to the outside linebacker position in the NFL. Angerer was a middle linebacker in college.

The Colts send 3 rushers at Sanchez and dish out a Sanchez pladder. Too bad Sanchez gets rid of the ball and the play results in an incompletion.

Mark Sanchez and the Jets go from a simple 3rd and 1 to 3rd and 6. The Colts defense pressures Sanchez and despite being pressured Sanchez throws an completion to LaDainain Tomlinson and the Colts keep LT in check and the Jets have to punt the ball back to the Colts.

Blair White fights for the yards and gets the first down. Darrell Revis doing a great job in man coverage covering Reggie Wayne limiting his receptions in this contest.

Antonio Cromartie is thinking short pass and Manning fires a deep pass to Pierre Garcon. Colts score first and Indianapolis leads 7 to 0. The Colts needed that score since the Jets get the ball in the 2nd half.

Tomlinson runs a counter play and Shonn Green comes in to replace LT to get the first down for the Jets.

Sanchez with a horrible throw out of the pocket.

Santonio Holmes gets his first reception 26 minutes into the ball game.

Holmes getting a 2nd reception.

Shonn Green with a good 7 yard gain. 2nd and 3 for the New York Jets.

2 minute warning.

The only key player who has not recorded a reception is New York Jets tight end Dustin Keller. I wonder if the Jets plan on firing to Keller in the red zone.

Sanchez does poorly in pressure and fires another incompletion. 3rd and 3 Tomlinson picks up a first down and Fegurson attempts to pancake a defender, but Ferguson gets pancaked and falls to the ground. Jets gain 2 after that play. Ferguson commits making it 2nd and 13 for the New York Jets.

Holmes makes another reception and the Jets get a first down. The New York Jets call their first timeout with 1 minute and 10 seconds left in the half.

Sanchez overthrows Keller and my prediction of Mark Sanchez throwing to Dustin Keller who does not have a reception yet becomes a reality. 2nd and 10 for the Jets. Sanchez overthrows Keller again 3rd and 10 for the Jets. Keller is calling for a flag and Colts free safety Antoine Bethea is grabbing Keller no flag.

Sanchez is pressured and throws into coverage and Sanchez throws a pick and the Indianapolis Colts take over. Colts lead 7 to 0 at halftime. The Indianapolis Colts did not commit any turnovers or penalties in the first half. If they play like this next week I really believe they will knock off the Pittsburgh Steelers, because the Steelers defense relies on turnovers and penalties if they cannot sack the quarterback. The Steelers corners struggle in man coverage and the Steelers rely on #43 Troy Polamalu to lead their secondary. Revis has played well for the Jets limiting Reggie Wayne, but the Jets cannot make so many basic mistakes in a football game. New York gets the ball in the 3rd quarter.

Third Quarter

Patt McAfee saves a touchdown as the punter keeps Antonio Cromartie from returning a kickoff for 6 points.

Shonn Green does a great job on the counter. The Jets offensive line run blocks well.

The Colts run defense stuffs Shonn Green on 2nd down.

Shonn Green with another first down on 3rd down. Great run blocking by the Jets. The Jets offensive line is clearly better at run blocking, but there are times when the Jets can pass block effective too.

Shonn Green with a good carry and the interior offensive lineman opening up the running lane. 3rd and 3 will the Jets pass or run?

Great execution by the New York Jets on this play. DeBrickishaw Feguson displays good pass blocking footwork and Sanchez fires to Dustin Keller who gets his first reception in the game. LT rushes for a first down for the Jets.

These Colts defensive players cannot miss tackles.

LaDainian Tomlinson gets the game tying touchdown as this game is tied at 7.

Joseph Addai loses one yard on the play with the Colts ball.

Peyton Manning finds Blair White wide open first down Colts.

Jacob Tamme with the false start penalty. Costs the Colts 5 yards 1st and 15 Addai gains 6 yards on the play 2nd and 9 for the Colts.

Great press coverage by the Jets containing the Colts on the play forces the incompletion.

The Colts are better at pass blocking, but the run blockers opened up a huge lane for Joseph Addai. First down Colts It is now 2nd and 5 and Manning calls an audible and the Jets make a key tackle to prevent the first down setting up a 3rd and 1 play. David Harris recorded his 7th tackle on the run stuff. Adam Vinateri has a chance to give the Colts the lead and he converts the 47 yard field goal. Colts lead 10 to 7 in the 3rd quarter.

That is the 2nd time Pat Angerer has failed to make a tackle. The Colts cannot afford to fail to make key tackles. Mendenhall will get 6 points off the power o running play if the Colts cannot improve their run defense.

Pat Angerer making some key tackles for the Colts. Angerer has recorded 3 of his 5 tackles on the last 5 plays. The Colts have 5 defenders who have recorded 5 or more tackles.

That is the 6th play where Freeney gets by Ferguson’s pass blocking. The Colts lead 10 to 7 after 3 quarters.

Fourth Quarter

The Jets have 13 play drive going.

Dustin Keller with another key reception and now it is 1st and Goal for the New York Jets. The Jets have had the ball for 9 minutes in this game. It is now 3rd and goal for the Jets. Tomlinson scores on 3rd down and the Jets lead 14 to 10 over the Indianapolis Colts.

Joseph Addai gets through the runnig lanes. First Down Colts.

3rd and 7 what will Peyton Manning do here?

Dominic Rhodes runs on 3rd and 7 the Jets expect the pass. The Colts get the first down.

Antonio Cromartie provides great man coverage and zone coverage on this pass intended for Pierre Garcon too much throwing power and poor deep accuracy on the throw.

Pierre Garcon with another reception during the game. Garcon now has 5 receptions for 112 receiving yards and a receiving touchdown.

Bart Scott stops a critical run on third down. It looks like the Colts have a tough decision kick the field goal and make it a one point game or go for it. The Colts kick the field goal and the Jets lead 14 to 13 with 4:37 left in the game.

Colts contain the Jets on 3rd and 5. Holmes drops a critical pass on 3rd down and it was the same play that made Holmes a legend in Super Bowl 43.

The Colts defender with dreadlocks was smiling like Little Wayne after Little Wayne recorded a new rap album. Smith fails to block the kick and the Jets get a first down with 3:02. I have a feeling Smith won’t be smiling in the offseason when the Colts release.

Jets gain 2 yards on the rush 2nd and 8 Colts burn a timeout with 2:57 left in the game.

Jacob Lacey makes the tackle and it is 3rd and 5 with 2:51 left in the game.

Mark Sanchez and Braylon Edwards fail to hook up on the deep ball. The Colts will get the ball back unless Smith decides to block the punt again. Manning has 2:36 left in the game and 1 timeout and the Colts have played smart offensively with no offensive turnovers or offensive penalties.

Colts tight end Jacob Tamme with back to back first downs. The Colts trail by 1 point as the 2 minute warning approaches.

Jets lead 14 to 13 at the 2 minute warning.

2nd and 4 Manning trying to draw the Jets offsides Blair White catches the football and the Colts are now at the Jets 37 yard line. Manning hands it off to Joseph Addai to gain 2 rushing yards. 2nd and 8 for the Colts Blair White catches the pass and Bart Scott makes a critical tackle. The New York Jets burn a timeout to keep Manning off the field. Manning runs out of the pocket on 3rd and 6. 4th down 577 seconds left. The Colts lead 16 to 14 over the New York Jets with 53 seconds and 2 timeouts. Sanchez had 4 4th quarter comebacks. Can Sanchez get a 4th quarter comeback in the postseason.

Antonio Cromartie with a nice return as the Jets have the football near midfield with 45 seconds left as Sanchez has a chance to redeem himself against the Colts with 45 seconds left.

Braylon Edwards appears to have caught the ball and the officials are trying to determine if Braylon Edwards fumbled the ball of if the play was an incomplete pass. Jets burn a 2nd timeout with 40 seconds left in the game.

Santonio Holmes catches the ball and runs out of bounds with 36 seconds left. The Colts burn their last timeout with 29 seconds left. Braylon Edwards makes a catch. Folk with a 32 yard field goal and the New York Jets win 17 to 16.

Game Summary Despite not allowing any turnovers or penalties on offense the Indianapolis Colts defense failed to execute in the clutch. Give Mark Sanchez credit for fighting back and guiding the Jets to victory in this contest. Peyton Manning went 18/26 with 225 passing yards 1 touchdown and no picks. Pierre Garcon had a big game at wide receiver while Adam Vinateri converted some field goals for the Indianapolis Colts. The Jets run defense made the Colts one dimensional on offense. The Jets win despite Mark Sanchez not throwing a passing touchdown. The Jets barely survive 17 to 16.


Sorry about repeating my posts I was testing out the live blogging feature.

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