Blaine Gabbert Scouting Report

By Chris Ransom
Missouri Tigers quarterback Blaine Gabbert throws the football in the first quarter against the Illinois Illini at the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis on September 4, 2010. UPI/Bill Greenblatt

Blaine Gabbert Quarterback Missouri #11 Junior


Arm Strength: Blaine Gabbert has an excellent arm and can make the necessary throws to succeed in the NFL. Gabbert has the arm to fire deep passes.

Size: Blaine Gabbert is 6 foot 5 240 pounds. Gabbert has excellent size for a quarterback and with Andrew Luck returning for his junior season while Blaine Gabbert declares. Gabbert’s size could get him drafted in the top 5.

Medium Accuracy: Blaine Gabbert’s most underrated quality is his accuracy on the medium pass.

Deep Accuracy: Blaine Gabbert has pinpoint accuracy on the deep ball.

Intangibles: Gabbert’s intangibles are better than most quarterbacks coming out of college, but you have to question how his intangibles will translate to a pro style offense.

Production: Blaine Gabbert has gotten Missouri off to a 6-0 start each of the last 2 seasons. Gabbert can produce when the season starts. The question now becomes how does Gabbert finish the year? Ryan Leaf won his first 2 starts and he is considered the biggest draft bust of all time. So Gabbert’s production can be deception in reality.


Durability: Gabbert is not injury prone, but when he runs out of the pocket he risks getting injured. Gabbert is not the toughest player coming out of college despite his size and upside at the quarterback position.

Learning Rate: Blaine Gabbert will struggle to learn the different offensive schemes, along his inabillity to play in a pro style offense will affect his intangibles and production in the long run. Gabbert only knows a gimmick shotgun spread offense so unless Buffalo drafts Gabbert his ratio of being a bust quarterback is very high.

Short Accuracy: Blaine Gabbert needs to improve his accuracy on the short pass.

My thoughts on Blaine Gabbert Blaine Gabbert like Cam Newton is a boom or bust prospect and because he has a low learning rate like Newton Gabbert will end up being a bust in the NFL because he will struggle translating to a pro style offense. If he learns a pro style offense he could be better than Sam Bradford because Bradord had the intangibles, but lacked the arm coming out of college. Gabbert has the arm and has better size than Bradford. It just becomes a question of whether Gabbert learns the pro style offense because his accuracy on the medium and deep pass is outstanding. Gabbert tries to run out of the pocket, but he does not have the speed to become an effective dual threat quarterback like Cam Newton. Since Newton is a dual threat I believe he has a shot to become something even though the odds are against Newton.

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