Green Bay Packers-Philadelphia Eagles primer

By ericschmidt

Heading into this weekend, I thought that the Green Bay Packers-Philadelphia Eagles game was going to be the highest scoring game of the weekend. That idea was erased yesterday after the New Orleans Saints and Seattle Seahawks dropped 77 points yesterday.

However, that doesn’t change my opinion of what I think you’ll see this afternoon.

The NFC has seen a variety of teams this season look as if they are starting to head towards the head of the class as becoming a dominant team. The Giants, Eagles, Falcons and Packers have all held their share of the lead this season.

The Philadelphia Eagles played the Green Bay Packers in week 1 of the regular season, defeating them in week 1, ushering in the Michael Vick V.2010 era. Vick was mentioned in discussions about a possible MVP candidate for 2010, and started the season with seven games played without an interception. However, recently, he has 6 interceptions in the last five games and finished the season with 6 fumbles.

The Eagles have suffered serious injury issues on defense. Vick is suffering from a quad injury, he claims he is 100% heading into this afternoons game, but after a few hits, well have to see where he stands.

I am not buying into the Eagles season, and after Philadelphia loses this afternoon, the Eagles fans who were so happy to run QB Donovan McNabb in favor of Kevin Kolb last offseason, will be calling for the head of coach Andy Reid.

The Green Bay Packers have overcome all of their injury issues on defense. They have no running game but Aaron Rodgers has a talented receiver corps which will abuse the Eagles secondary. The Packers 3-4 defense, led by Dom Capers, will confuse Michael Vick this afternoon. While Vick might launch one or two big plays in the game, the Packers will come out on top.Green Bay has never trailed by more than 7 points at any point in any game this season.

As a disclaimer, I did predict that this years Super Bowl was going to be the Baltimore Ravens and Green Bay Packers back in September.


Aaron Rodgers- 33-51-360 yards, 4 touchdowns


Michael Vick- 24-50-300 yards 2 touchdowns

Final score Packers 37- Eagles 30

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