Ryan Mallett Scouting Report

By Chris Ransom
Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallett (15) is chased from the pocket by Ohio State defensive lineman Cameron Hayward (97) during first half action of the 77th Annual Allstate Sugar Bowl at the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana January 4, 2011. UPI/A.J. Sisco

Biography Ryan Mallett Quarterback Arkansas #15 Junior Redshirt


Arm Strength: Ryan Mallett has a cannon arm for a quarterback. Mallett has the kind of arm that JaMarcus Russell, Joe Flacco, and Matthew Stafford had coming out of college.

Size: Mallett has that 6 foot 7 235 pound size most teams look for in franchise quarterbacks.

Can play in any offensive philosophy: Mallett knows the basic plays to the every offensive scheme like the balanced offense which uses the run to set up the pass, the west coast offense which uses the pass to set up the run, the shotgun spread offense which is a gimmick offense, and Mallett also knows the Vertical offense which uses the deep passing game to stretch the receivers.

5 star recruit out of high school: Ryan Mallett was a 5 star recruit in high school.

Production: Ryan Mallett has provided consistent production when making starting at Arkansas. His winning record and his statistics back up his production.


Throwing Repetitions: Ryan Mallett has a raw arm despite his cannon arm so the more throwing repetitions you give him the worse he will play as the game progresses.

Durability: Mallett has gotten injured during games in college.

Mobility: Ryan Mallett is the only quarterback in this draft with poor mobility. Without good mobility quarterbacks cannot evade the pocket and make good throws on the run. Even elite pocket passers like Tom Brady and Peyton Manning have mobility.

Learning Rate: Ryan Mallett has a poor learning rate and learns plays at a very slow learning rate. It takes Mallett a long time to digest new plays.

Football IQ: Mallett has a very poor football IQ.

Awareness: Ryan Mallett does not have the awareness of a franchise quarterback.

Accuracy: Ryan Mallett has a strange hitch in his throws and his accuracy is terrible on the short, medium, and deep pass.

Intangibles: Ryan Mallett has the intangibles that Derek Anderson currently has in the pros and will not get better.

Attitude: Ryan Mallett has a bad attitude and transfered from Michigan to Arkansas.

Party Hard Lifetstyle: Jimmy Clausen lived the life of the frat boy at Notre Dame and look at the failure Clausen had this season as a rookie.

My thoughts on Ryan Mallett. Ryan Mallett has all the red flags that you try to avoid when you draft a quarterback in the first round. I would not consider taking Mallett until the 3rd round, but Mallett is going to get drafted in the top 10.

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