The aftermath of the Saints' shocking playoff loss

By Philthy

After having 24 hours to let the fact that the Saints lost to the 7-9 Seattle Seahawks in the playoffs sink in, there are several things that Saints fans can take from this game to look for the team in the future.

1) Gregg will return. Despite the fact that Gregg Williams was a hot name in some of the NFL’s head coaching searches, the team’s stale defensive effort in the playoffs will stick with general managers, making it highly unlikely that he will get a promotion with another franchise.

2) Saints fans may have seen Reggie Bush in the black and gold for the last time. Despite being under contract with the team next season, Bush is schedule to make over $14 million in 2011, a ridiculous sum for an oft-injured player without a real position. Sean Payton seemed to be playing him less and less, even with injuries, which could mean that either Bush restructures his contract or he’s out of New Orleans.

3) The Saints seriously need pass-rushers. One of the Saints big problems all season was their inability to get to the quarterback, even with all of the exotic blitzes that Williams would call. Will Smith is starting to get up there in years, and free agent signee Alex Brown didn’t deliver the impact that the team thought he would. Look for the team to target a big name defensive end in the draft or free agency.

More offseason expectations for the Saints to come in the upcoming days and weeks.

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