Seattle Seahawks caused an earthquake to defeat the New Orleans Saints

By ericschmidt

The Seattle Seahawks Qwest Field might be screwing folks on their draft beers, but it has always been known as one of the toughest places to play in the NFL, now there is actual proof that the “12th man” at Qwest Field can make a difference.

Fans at Qwest Field are known for generating so much noise that the Seahawks lead the league in opposing team false starts, now however, they Seahawks fans are actually making the earth move.

According to News, while Marshawn Lynch was running for his spectacular touchdown run to seal the Seahawks win, seismic equipment at the location of the former Kingdome location recorded the noise generated from Qwest Field.

It was either Seahawks fans excited about the run, or they were upset after getting charged $1.25 for the supposed “large” beer for the eight  home games this season and were demanding their money back.

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