Who gives up 2 number 1 picks for Eagles QB Kevin Kolb?

By ericschmidt

The Philadelphia Eagles fans love affair with Kevin Kolb lasted about 30 minutes in the first game of the season, now Kolb, who received a very handsome bonus from the club after trading veteran QB Donovan McNabb to the Washington Redskins is voicing his desire to get out of town.

Kevin Kolb may have told reporters that he wants to be a starter next season with the Eagles, but the absolute truth is, he signed a contract just days after Donovan McNabb was traded away to the Redskins, and made a ridiculous amount of money by appearing in only 5 games this season for the Eagles. With a salary of only 1.4 million next season, Philadelphia is not going to be in a hurry to move Kolb unless they get the right price and according to what I’ve been hearing and reading, that right price might include two first round picks, or a first and a second round pick in the draft.

Are you serious? Which team, in need of a quarterback so badly, will give up two high valued draft picks for Kevin Kolb? Kolb has appeared in 19 games in his four year career, he has 11 touchdowns, 14 interceptions and 7 fumbles. He has proven with the Eagles this season that he cannot play behind a weak offensive line. The Eagles lost three of the five games he started this season.

Exactly what has Kolb done in his career, to prove that he could be worth as much as two number one picks in the draft? Seriously, someone explain that to me. If he was such a great quarterback, why didn’t he beat out Michael Vick this season? When Vick was injured, he was inserted right back into the lineup when he was healthy and Kolb went back to the bench. Please, explain to me why a team would be willing to surrender two number one draft picks, or a number one and a number two for Kolb? Based on a quarterback which has been hyped and will be 27 this coming August and has started 9 games?

If I am a NFL executive, I’m not taking that roll of the dice, I wait another year until he becomes a free agent. Several people, including thousands of Eagles fans were ready to anoint Kolb as the next great starter for the Eagles. I am not sold on him and if some team wants to overbid for him, then I feel sorry for their fanbase. I hope they have a decent offensive line.

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