Broncos Official Hiring of John Fox Makes Giants DC Perry Fewell Stay at Least One More Year

By Jeff Shull

Well it appears that John Elway was swayed very easily by John Fox and announced his hiring just two days after what is being called the most transparent interview ever. The good news for Giants fans is that all the head coaching jobs are filled and defensive coordinator Perry Fewell will have to wait another year to become a head coach.

Hey, if the Giants win the Super Bowl next year, my guess is Tom Coughlin retires on top, giving the Giants a chance to promote from within.

Fox was interviewed Wednesday and in an unprecedented move, pictures were taken during the meeting and some posted on the internet. New Vice President of Football Operations John Elway is clearly sending a message to fans that this is their team, and he is allowing them some insight on how things work.

Earlier in the off season process, released video of Perry Fewell talking about the Broncos job before his interview was set to take place. It was interesting to see a team giving fans so much exposure, and also refreshing.

I wouldn’t expect this trend to catch on to other teams, however.

Fewell had made a point all along that while he was excited to take on new challenges, he was ready to come back if he had to and make the Giants the best defense they can be in 2011, and I believe him.

He should make the list of awards for the 2010 season, which should be able for you to read sometime tomorrow afternoon, because of how much he turned around the porous 2009 defense.

Good to have you back Fewell. Go Big Blue.

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