Michael Vick's Madden Rating Takes Significant Hit After Postseason Performance

I don’t play Madden, but apparently the game updates player’s rankings after every game.

Madden had quite a few updates following the wild-card games, as every player on IR was moved back to his team’s roster.

A few individual player rankings were also adjusted.

Seattle Seahawks’ running back Marshawn Lynch saw a big increase in his stiff arm, which moved from a 95 to 99, following his stiff arm on the Saints’ Tracy Porter.

And Michael Vick’s overall ranking took a hit.

Vick entered the game as a 94, but left as a 91.

A three-point difference may not seem like such a big deal, but when you consider the fact that it occurred because of one game, it’s a very big deal.

It’s also interesting to think what would have happened if Vick had played the same way during the entire game but Riley Cooper had somehow caught Vick’s touchdown pass. I imagine Vick’s overall rating would have increased, probably to a 96.

A 91 is still fantastic but it’s disappointing to think about how high it would have been around mid-November.

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  • http://dodgerscentral.com Tim

    i always thought that the playoffs didnt’ impact madden ratings, guess i’m wrong. no way lynch should even get that big of a boost, that run was more of a product of poor tackling (saints trying to strip the ball) than anything lynch did.

    also vick goin down is just retarded, the Eagles decided it was time to start dropping balls again, can’t help that.

    also 20 for 36 with 296 yards is pretty dang good , i have no idea what they decided to lower to make him lose 3 points, i gotta see this.

    • bryn.swartz

      I agree. Both ratings were way too extreme. It’s amazing how much one play or game can affect things.