Around the Web: As if There Was Any Doubt, Jets Beat Patriots 28-21 in Foxborough

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It still hasn’t fully sunk yet to me that the Jets have knocked off the New England Patriots and stunned the football world silent.

All week, the buildup to this game was intense, and the game lived up to the hype, and then some.

Andrew Weiss of theJetsBlog had a fantastic recap of the game, which is absolutely worth reading in it’s entirety. He embodied the spirit of the game perfectly, as he does every week on TJB. Among the highlights:

No one really believed the Jets would win. [The media] had been fair, because it was their duty to do so, but the Jets were just overmatched.  Everyone knew that, didn’t they?

Well, for the entire CBS News crew every one of which predicted a Patriots victory; for the analysts of the NFL pregame shows on NFL network each one of which foresaw a Patriots victory; for everyone on Fox; every one on ‘Inside the NFL’ except for big Warren; with special mention to the part-time sports reporters who don’t normally cover the Jets, like Gary Myers, and Mike Lupica, and Mike Francesa, and especially for Joe Benigno who bails on his own team every season; sorry boys and oh by the way: if you will, please, at your earliest convenience: Go perform a drastically impossible sex act on yourselves.

The Jets won 28-21 in Gillette, in front of a hostile crowd that wanted nothing better than to see the Jets run out of the building, in a game that the Jets dominated nevertheless virtually from start to finish.  The Patriots, it would seem, never had a chance.  I feel bad.  But, I can live with it.

… It looked bleak at the start.  A stalled drive leading to a punt.  Then the Patriots got the ball and started driving like we weren’t in front of them.  Brady hadn’t thrown a pick in two months.  They’ve scored thirty for seven straight games.  They were eating up yardage in vintage style.  It was going to be a long day.  But, then, suddenly David Harris streaked the other way picking off Brady and running it back to the Patriots ten.   Wow!  But, he didn’t get in.  We ran one play for a loss.  Confusion.  We ran another play for another loss and we were shooting ourselves in the foot.  A running play recovered the lost yardage but we needed a field goal.  It was a gimme, but Nick Folk missed it.  Ugh!  It’s gonna be a long day.

… The biggest question going into the game had been, do the Jets belong here, playing the widely acknowledged Future King?  The defense responded and the answer was becoming clearer.  We belonged.

… I expected the Patriots to run the second half opening kick off right into the end zone on five quick plays, but they didn’t.  The defense kept making plays.  Shaun Ellis was a monster with two sacks.  The Jets would collect five in all, a playoff record for the club.  There were superb plays by Mike DeVito, David Harris, Drew Coleman who had a nice sack, the entire secondary who covered the Patriots like a blanket all game with special mention to Brodney Pool who played really well, and, of course, Revis.  As a unit, they were stellar.  They gave up over three hundred yards and a lot of first downs, but not a lot of scores.  They bent, but didn’t break, just like last week.  As a matter of fact, in two weeks facing the two best QBs in the league and two top-ten offenses, the defense has surrendered only 35 points.

… So, we keep rolling.  Next week in Pittsburgh for a rematch.  It won’t be easy.  They’re a great defensive club.  But, if all goes well, well …  I’ll just leave it at that.

First Peyton Manning, then Tom Brady. Now Ben Roethlisberger awaits. That’s six combined Super Bowls by three of the best quarterbacks of the past decade. If the Jets do indeed end up winning the Super Bowl, no one can say they didn’t deserve it. That’s for sure.

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