The original Cheesehead was spawned from a couch

By ericschmidt

NFL fans these days tie Green Bay Packers fans to the foam Cheeseheads they wear in every stadium of the NFL. Whether you like the Cheeseheads or not, Ralph Bruno is a marketing genius.

Bruno was the founder of the now widely popular cheesehead foam fashions that adorn the heads of Packers fans all across NFL stadiums. In 1987, Bruno came up with the idea of taking a section of foam from his mother’s couch and turned it into what looked like a wedge of cheese.

“I cut the foam into a wedge, burned some holes in it to give it some cheese character and gave it some color. I wore it to a Brewers game. Some of my friends wouldn’t walk alongside of me. Then, a girl came up to me and asked to try it on. They all wanted to wear it after that,”  Bruno said.

Bruno went on to found Foamation, and has been widely successful in his venture with NFL merchandise and foam products. I even have a cheesehead, and I’m not a Packers fan.

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