An Open Letter to Jay Cutler

By Joshua Casey

Dear Jay,

I want to apologize to you on behalf of us Chicago Bears fans that actually know football. You’re the best quarterback this franchise has had since Sid Luckman.

Unfortunately, people seem to forget the ass kicking you dealt with all season. Nevermind the offensive line issues and lack of blitz pick-up, you didn’t say one word. You played through bruises, concussions and type one diabetes and put forth a top effort.

People will not let go of the idea that you didn’t want to play for the ultimate tool Josh McDaniels. Meanwhile, the Broncos best quarterback of all time didn’t want to play for the Colts that were going to draft him. That’s forgiven but you’re wrong. Do people hate Eli Manning for not wanting to play for the Chargers? No, he’s also given a free pass.

Throughout the league, the hypocrites like Maurice Jones-Drew and Philip Rivers attacked your toughness. One sat out the last two weeks while his team was fighting for the playoffs and the other one has underachieved with the rest of his team (and I know he has huge statistics, but choked in key games). But of course, they don’t live in glass houses.

We found out that you have a type-two MCL sprain in your left knee. You tried to play through the pain and were unable to go. So did the moronic fans appreciate your fighting with team doctors and trainers to get back on the field? Nope. They called you a variety of inappropriate names and burned your jerseys. You were called a quitter.

Jim McMahon, a beloved quarterback from the 1985 squad was always injured. But he was loved by the same people that treat you like crap.

For those of us that appreciate you, please accept our gratitude.

Jonathan D. Carroll

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