New England Patriots 2011 Offseason Outlook

By Chris Ransom

With the New England Patriots out of the post season and with Tom Brady undergoing foot surgery it is time to see what the New England Patriots will do during the off season. New England will probably get a running back in the draft because Ben Jarvis Green Ellis’s contract will expire plus Danny Woodhead is now a fullback for New England. Also look for New England to take a #1 receiver who could potentially become a #1 deep threat for Tom Brady at the top of round 2. If the Patriots want to use this pick on an offensive lineman they need to sign Santonio Holmes in free agency. New England also looks like they will need to build their offensive line around Sebastian Volmer who looks like he will end up making the move to left tackle. If the Patriots retain left tackle Matt Light or left guard Logan Mankins it makes their job easier making center the only position they would need to upgrade in the 2011 NFL Draft.

On the defensive side of the ball look for the New England Patriots to add depth to the defensive line. The New England Patriots have Ron Brace and Bradon Deadrick at left end, but need a 3-4 right end to back up the aging Gerrard Warren. A guy like Cameron Jordan the 3-4 right end who played college at California could be targeted with New England’s first pick in the draft at number 17 overall. New England got this pick in the Richard Seymour trade.

New England needs another pass rusher. Rob Nikovich is aging and upgradable and New England Patriots 3-4 right outside linebacker Jermaine Cunningham could get moved to the left side if the New England Patriots manage to sign Tamba Hali who currently plays for the Kansas City Chiefs or LaMaar Woodley of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Another player New England may target is UCLA 3-4 LOLB Akeem Ayers. New England may even trade some draft picks by trading up to get him. New England is set on secondary as most of the pieces for a young long term defense are in place. With 2 first round picks, 2 2nd round picks, and 2 3rd round picks. New England has more leverage in the 2011 NFL Draft than any other team in the league.

One thing is certain that New England will take a lot of action when making offseason decisions this year. It should be a good offseason for the New England Patriots.

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