Search for new Cleveland Browns special teams coach will have to continue

By ericschmidt

Last week, the Cleveland Browns lost their highly respected special teams coach, Brad Seely after he signed with the San Francisco 49ers, and now the search for a replacement will have to continue. The Browns had requested permission from the Washington Redskins to talk with their special teams coach Danny Smith. The Browns were unable to speak with Smith after the redskins denied permission.

Smith has a contract with the redskins which is set to expire, but the Redskins have stated that they wish to sign Smith to another contract and have him remain with the organization. Smith has been a member of the Washington coaching staff since 2004.

Smith is a highly respected member of the Redskins coaching staff and well liked by the players. “He’s one of the best coaches we have period. You can’t let a guy like that get away”, said LB Lorenzo Alexander.

Cleveland still has yet to fill the position of offensive coordinator as well.

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