Von Miller Scouting Report

By Chris Ransom

Von Miller 3-4 Right Outside Linebacker Texas A/M #40 Senior


Physical Ability: Von Miller has the physical ability to become an elite pass rusher.

Durability: Von Miller has excellent durability.

Size: Von Miller has the size for a 3-4 right outside linebacker.

Learning Rate: Von Miller has a fast learning rate.

Football IQ: Miller has the awareness of a pro bowl caliber 3-4 right outside linebacker.

Awareness: Miller has great awareness off the snap and can recognize plays in a matter of seconds.

Pass Rusher: Von Miller is an excellent pass rusher who can wreak havoc on the quarterback.

Sack Artist: Von Miller has been an all pro sack artist.

Run Stuffer: Von Miller is great at stuffing the run.

Zone Coverage Playmaker: Von Miller can make big plays in zone coverage. Miller is so good in zone coverage people are saying he can play in the 4-3 as an outside linebacker.

Can Play Multiple Positions: Von Miller can play 4-3 Right End, 3-4 Right Outside Linebacker, 3-4 Right End, and 4-3 Right Outside Linebacker.

Intangibles: Miller has great intaniglbes like his ability to pressure the quarterback, stuff the run, and play in zone coverage.

Production: Von Miller produced on a consistent basis as a pass rusher at Texas A/M.

Potential: Von Miller may end up being the best linebacker prospect since Derrick Thomas.



My thoughts on Von Miller. I was skeptical of Von Miller at first thinking he would be a major bust, but I really like what I see on film with Miller during the Senior Bowl I am really impressed with Miller. I think Miller could become a hall of fame caliber pass rusher at the 3-4 position one day, but I do not want to jump to any conclusions.

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