Four New York Giants Make All-Pro Second Team

By Jeff Shull

Chris Snee, Antrel Rolle, Justin Tuck, and Osi Umenyiora have all been selected to the All-Pro second team. The Giants typically do not get recognized at an individual level the way they have this season, with five Pro Bowlers and now four All-Pros. For example, the year they won it all in 2007, only Osi Umenyiora was selected to the Pro Bowl, adding to the already huge chip on that team’s shoulder.

That was something missing from this team; a fire inside them that caused them to rise up to challenges and defeat excellent opponents. The only playoff team the Giants defeated this season was the Chicago Bears, losing to the Eagles (twice), Packers, and Colts. The way they lost to those teams was embarrassing to watch. They were blown out by the Packers and Colts, and in the first Eagles game they were very much in the game defensively but five turnovers stifled the offense from scoring any points in a 10 point loss. Do I need to remind you how we lost the second Eagles game?

While it’s nice to get individual accolades, I guarantee you each of these players would trade it in a heartbeat for a chance to return to the Super Bowl. That will be the mindset entering the 2011 season (assuming there is one); one team, one goal to make the Super Bowl. And win.

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