Is Vince Young really a solution at quarterback for the Vikings?

By ericschmidt

As soon as the Minnesota Vikings added Craig Johnson to the coaching staff, speculation surrounding Vince Young joining the Vikings started, but is Vince Young really the solution at quarterback for Minnesota? There is no doubt that the Vikings need a long term solution, but is an experiment with Young really the answer?

Speaking at the Senior Bowl yesterday, head coach Leslie Frazier said that the Vikings need to get the right guy under center. I couldn’t agree more. Frazier had high praise for Craig Johnson, who was hired as the Vikings quarterback coach and coached Vince Young in Tennessee.

“Craig has been a guy who has worked with veteran quarterbacks and developed a young one. We’re going to be in a situation where we’re going to be working with a young quarterback and potentially a veteran. So, his vast experience in a difficult offense should be a tremendous plus of us”.

I might have to disagree with Frazier in his assessment that Johnson developed a young quarterback. Obviously that is a reference to Vince Young, but how developed is a quarterback, who after five seasons has 42 touchdowns and 42 interceptions and a 75.2 passer rating?

Young has failed to play a full 16 game schedule yet, and in his best season, he only passed for 2,546 yards. But let’s ignore the lack of serious production on the field for a moment and address the off the field and maturity issues. Johnson was in Tennessee when Young had his meltdown a few seasons ago, and when he launched his pads into the stadium seats this season, what would Johnson do differently in Minnesota to get Young under control that he didn’t do in Tennessee?

Can Vince Young be counted on to give his full attention and devotion to a complete season with a new franchise? Is it a gamble worth taking? Or would you rather have Johnson work with Joe Webb, who showed some potential late this season?

Personally, I think that if the Minnesota Vikings do not land the quarterback they want in the draft, then move forward with Joe Webb for 2011 and acquire a veteran backup. I feel there is just too much downside risk associated with Vince Young.

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