The 25 Most Memorable Moments of the 2010 Philadelphia Eagles Season, #16: Andy Reid Complains to Officials About Hits on Michael Vick

By Bryn Swartz

Michael Vick was the most valuable player for the Philadelphia Eagles in 2010 and head coach Andy Reid was willing to do everything it took to protect his star.

After a Thursday night game against the Houston Texans on December 2nd, Reid expressed his annoyance at the lack of calls being made when Vick was hit by defenders.

Reid said: “That bothers me, that bothers me. He runs, but he is a quarterback, so you can’t treat him like a running back.”

He wouldn’t admit it at first but Reid actually filed a complaint with the league, basically asking them to keep a closer watch on the hits on Vick, and start actually making some calls.

Vick had the following to say: “I’m used to taking hits. It’s not that bad. If I take one and I lay down, then I took a good one. But I’m a pretty tough guy. I bounce back when I can. There’s no science to getting hit, or protecting yourself.”

However he also admitted that “calls are not being made.”

The NFL really didn’t change much on the treatment of Vick for the remainder of the season.

I remember a referee not calling one on a late hit against Vick in the Cowboys game the following week.

But later in the game, a late hit was called.

Reid’s complaint didn’t change the Eagles’ season. It won’t be particularly memorable to your average fan.

But it was astounding to me because this was a totally out of character move by Reid.

It showed me that Reid truly believed the Eagles had what it took to win the Super Bowl and keeping their star quarterback healthy was the most essential ingredient.

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