The 25 Most Memorable Moments of the 2010 Philadelphia Eagles Season, #21: DeSean Jackson's 91 Yard Touchdown vs Dallas (Video)

By Bryn Swartz

Although I love the guy, I have expressed my complaints about DeSean Jackson this season.

He’s too much of a showboat, he’s not tough enough, and he’s too much of a one-dimensional deep threat.

And then DeSean Jackson makes plays like he did in the fourth quarter of a tie game against the Dallas Cowboys and I take back everything I said.

With the Eagles and Cowboys tied 20-20 early in the fourth quarter of the Eagles’ 13th game, a road game in Dallas, DeSean Jackson caught a slant from quarterback Michael Vick and immediately juked out cornerback Mike Jenkins.

He headed upfield and was chased from behind by safety Gerald Sensabaugh. Sensabaugh gave chase but couldn’t catch Jackson.

Safety Alan Ball seemed to stop and wait for Jackson to pass him before he made a feeble attempt and fell.

Nickel cornerback Orlando Scandrick came out of nowehere to almost catch Jackson but dove at Jackson’s feet and missed around the 13-yard line.

And cornerback Terence Newman, who had given chase, wasn’t close enough to Jackson and could only watch the ending of the play.

When Jackson reached the one-yard line, he completely stopped, turned around, held the ball up in the air with his right arm, and fell backward into the end zone.

Jackson somersaulted and hopped up, immediately spiking the ball as hard as he could.

And why shouldn’t he?

Not only did he make the entire Cowboys’ secondary look foolish, but he performed the entire play on a very sore foot.

Just two quarters ago, Jackson injured his left foot on a punt return. He stayed in the game but was noticeably slower.

Yet he was still fast enough to outrun the entire secondary of the Dallas Cowboys.

Jackson’s touchdown led to a 30-27 Eagles victory, improving the team’s record to 9-4.

Jackson’s touchdown stood as the longest receiving touchdown of the NFL until week 17.

It was the longest touchdown of his career, no small feat for a guy who has literally made a living out of 65-yard touchdowns. And it was the longest touchdown pass of Michael Vick’s career.

Jackson’s touchdown, capped off by his wild celebration, was arguably the offensive play of the season for the Philadelphia Eagles.

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