ALL clear, there is no bomb threat a Cowboys Stadium

By ericschmidt

You have to love this instant access, immediate response mentality to every single story which comes out these days, however, there is no device, regardless of the bomb squad being called out in front of the stadium this morning, it is ALL CLEAR in front of Cowboys Stadium.

There was a suspicious package reportedly placed reportedly in a drain hole. I saw this story this morning as it broke on Twitter, and I did not report it, because there are these suspicious package scares everywhere. We’ve had two in my hometown in the last four months, one turned out to be a cooler filled with sandwiches and one was a backpack left on the curb while someone asked for directions.

The Cowboy’s stadium is being swept with an unprecedented amount of security and this morning’s hype about this situation was no different than TMZ with video of Jay Cutler walking without a limp. Much to do about nothing.

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