Buccaneers ownership moves forward with push for hosting 2015 Super Bowl

By ericschmidt

The Tampa Bay ownership may not be able to motivate Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans to fill Raymond James Stadium during home games, but it appears ownership is now going to try to secure yet another Super Bowl hosted in Tampa in the year 2015.

Raymond James lost out on the award for the Super Bowl in 2014, but anyone which follows the NFL knows, the fastest way to secure a Super Bowl, is to build a new stadium, and that is exactly why the New Meadowlands Stadium was awarded the game.

I hope that the day of the 2014 Super Bowl, the Northeast region of the US, the area that the mainstream media thinks the world revolves around, is blasted with a 20 plus snowfall blizzard, causing all sorts of transportation and logistical problems.

This open-air, type Super Bowl idea was brought forth by the NFL commissioner Roger Goodell who also favors moving teams out of the US and expanding the game, internationally. Last time I checked, that experiment failed in Europe.

RayJay will be in the running for the big game in 2015, but as long as Goodell is running the show, expect some wide-open, out of left field ideas when the 2015 Super Bowl site is finally awarded.

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