Philadelphia Eagles Aiming for Green Bay Packers Defensive Backs Coach As Their Defensive Coordinator

By Bryn Swartz

According to many sources, including ESPN’s John Clayton, the Philadelphia Eagles will likely select Darren Perry as their new defensive coordinator.

Perry is currently the defensive backs coach of the Green Bay Packers.

For those of you who know nothing about the guy, here is some history.

Perry played free safety for the Pittsburgh Steelers from 1992 to 1998, appearing in Super Bowl XXX.

He played with the New Orleans Saints in 1999 and the San Diego Chargers in 2000.

He spent the 2002 season as the safeties coach for the Cincinnati Bengals.

From 2003 to 2006, he coached the Steelers’ defensive backs, where he was very instrumental in the development of Troy Polamalu and Chris Hope.

He served as Raiders’ defensive backs coach in 2007 and 2008, where cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha earned a reputation as one of the best cornerbacks in the league.

And he has coached the Green Bay Packers’ defensive backs for the past two seasons, where he has worked with Pro Bowlers Charles Woodson, Nick Collins, and Tramon Williams.

Perry is just 42 years old and has never been a coordinator at any level.

However, he has a very impressive resume. He has seen success everywhere he has coached.

I would love it if the Eagles hired Perry as their defensive coordinator.

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