The NFL Players Association's Super Bowl Ad, "Let Us Play"

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NFLPA President Kevin Mawae, a former New York Jets center and an all-around nice guy, is faced with a big dark cloud hanging over the NFLPA following Super Bowl XLV.

Yes, the NFL would like to pretend that everything is fine and dandy, but the fact of the matter is, the NFL owners unanimously opted out of the current collective bargaining agreement in 2008, and there is a strong possibility that they will lock out the players in March.

It’s sad, really, that a lockout is looming because the owners are being greedy and the NFLPA is not willing to give up well-deserved rights in order to reach a deal.

This could be a black eye for America’s most popular league, as the owners stand to benefit from the lockout, they will earn $4.5 billion from their TV contracts in 2011 even if there are no games played.

The NFLPA has a simple message, “lets us play.”

This 60-second spot will air during Super Bowl XLV.

The NFL players and NFL fans will be the ones who are most affected by the potential lockout.

Come on commissioner, let them play.

The offseason is hard enough. We want to have football next year.

For more information on the potential lockout and what you can do to help, sign the petition here, at

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