Brian Urlacher is the Best

By Joshua Casey

Brian Urlacher is a stud. He’s the best defensive player I’ve seen in a Chicago Bears uniform. I saw the 1985 Bears defense, and Urlacher’s better than anyone on that unit.

Despite his amazing abilities and play-making skills, there are still some that doubt his place in history. I’m floored when people talk about his weaknesses. Sure, he can get blocked by tight ends, but as of late in his career, he’s even learned to shed those blocks. Let me get a little more extreme. Is Urlacher the best defensive player of his era? I’m starting to think he very well may be.

Let’s start with his ability in coverage. Urlacher is a great cover linebacker. He has the speed to keep up with any tight end and can also stay in stride with many wide receivers. Imagine a linebacker that can run down most ends? It’s even more impressive when you see him do it.

How about against the run? Urlacher is like a panther hitting the hole looking for a running back. Not only does he make plays, he can lay the wood to players. He will pursuit guys to the outside and finish plays. I’m still in awe of this ability to catch even the nimblest of backs in the open field.

What about rushing the passer? He’s not asked to do so as often as other linebackers, but the man rarely misses a quarterback. Ask Michael Vick who has said that he’s never been hit as hard as by Brian Urlacher. We’re not talking about a statue in Vick. So quite a compliment.

Finally, let’s talk about a leader. His teammates, coaches and opponents show him the utmost respect.

I’ve presented my case and I’m sure others will or won’t agree. It’s your constitutional right.

In a sad note, I want to send my condolences to Lovie Smith for the passing of his Mother at age 77. People may have issues with him as a coach, but he’s a class act and I’m sure made her proud.

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