The 25 Most Memorable Moments of the 2010 Philadelphia Eagles Season, #11: Michael Vick Injured vs Minnesota

By Bryn Swartz

I love Michael Vick like any fan would love a quarterback who took a rebuilding team to a division title.

But I did not love the worried feeling I felt every time he took off running. Yeah, I knew something great could and probably would happen, but I also felt like there was a decent chance of him getting injured every single time he was hit.

My deepest fear happened in the season’s fourth game, as a rib injury sidelined Vick for a quarter of the season in October.

Then it happened again, against the Minnesota Vikings, on the premiere of Tuesday Night Football in late December.

Michael Vick suffered a quad injury on the game’s first play. The injury was enough that he probably should have been taken out of the game. I believe that backup quarterback Kevin Kolb would have been able to lead the Eagles to victory.

The Eagles lost 24-14 and I think Kevin Kolb could have led the team to a 27-24 or 31-24 victory.

Not only did the Eagles suffer a devastating, embarrassing loss in front of a national audience, but Michael Vick was unable to play the next week against the Dallas Cowboys.

Luckily for Vick, he wouldn’t have played anyway because the Eagles rested about 10 of their starters.

When the postseason rolled around, Michael Vick claimed to be 100 percent healthy. I think he was almost 100 percent, but I still think he had lingering effects.

It’s really a shame because I think the Eagles could have won the Tuesday game if Vick wasn’t injured. And I think they would have had a little bit more of a chance against the Green Bay Packers.

To me, this injury is a bigger deal than the first one because I think it directly affected our record, and regardless of how little of an effect it had on the wild-card playoff game, it still changed things for the Eagles.

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