A Day Later: Still Trying to Make Sense of Juan Castillo's Promotion to Defensive Coordinator

By Bryn Swartz

It’s been a full day since the Philadelphia Eagles made the Promotion Heard Round the World, naming Juan Castillo their defensive coordinator.

As you probably know by now, Castillo has never coached any part of a defense in the NFL or in college. He hasn’t coached any part of a defense since Kingsville High School in 1989.

I can guarantee you that he is the first defensive coordinator in NFL history who has never coached any part of a defense at a professional or college level. I can also guarantee you that he is the first defensive coordinator in NFL history who hasn’t coached any part of a defense in over 20 seasons.

This signing is without a doubt one of the strangest I have ever heard in my entire life. To me, this is only slightly less ridiculous than calling on Brian Westbrook to be the linebackers coach, since he has so much experience juking them out.

The Eagles say Castillo is a tremendous coach with an incredible work ethic and I don’t doubt that at all. I’ve read numerous times that the offensive linemen were the last unit off the field at the end of practice.

I also have heard the press conference from yesterday where Castillo said that he has always been a defensive guy.

Sorry Juan, but you haven’t been. You’re been an offensive guy for the Philadelphia Eagles for the past 15 seasons. You’ve done a tremendous job but I don’t have faith in you as a defensive coordinator.

If the Eagles wanted to build up Castillo’s resume, like they did for John Harbaugh, why couldn’t they just name Castillo the linebackers coach? Something less complicated.

Or make Castillo the defensive line coach as well, instead of bringing in Jim Washburn?

The Eagles turned down men with impressive resumes, like Jim Mora Jr.

They ignored all the candidates from Super Bowl teams.

And they went with a guy who, although he says he is a defensive guy, should have absolutely no business as a team’s defensive coordinator.

It’s as if Andy Reid loves surprising people.

The Donovan McNabb benching. The Michael Vick signing. The Donovan McNabb division trade. The Kevin Kolb benching.

And now the Juan Castillo signing.

I said it yesterday and I’ll say it again. Andy Reid is putting his job on the line. If the Juan Castillo signing does not work out, his career will be defined by that hiring almost as much, if not more, than the Jim Johnson hiring.

Now, more than maybe any year ever, the Eagles need to win, and they need to do it now.

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