NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement Status

By Chris Ransom

Roger Goodell will meet with DeMaurice Smith today in Dallas. The question becomes what happens if a deal gets done? The other question is what happens if a deal does not get done? Today, I will examine and answer these questions.

If a the NFL agrees to a new CBA deal. I believe the NFL offseason will play out as usual with free agency along with some new terms being added in like possibly an 18 game schedule or a rookie salary cap. The NHL has a salary cap system and the #1 overall pick gets 900 K over 3 years. So I’m thinking if the NFL has a rookie salary cap. The #1 overall pick gets 10 million a year for 3 years with 3 million in guaranteed money. The #2 overall pick gets 9 million over 3 years with 2.8 million in guaranteed money. That is how I believe the rookie salary cap system would work with everyone in the top 5 getting over 2 million a year in guaranteed money while everyone else gets 1 million guaranteed a year for 3 years along with 5 million a year. The owners and players will lose money if a deal does not get done and Roger Goodell realizes he cannot afford to let that happen. The cities fund money to each stadium except the New Cowboys Stadium which is exclusively owned by Jerry Jones.

There are many reasons why a deal will not get done. The owners want more money for themselves, the owners do not want to pay the players as much money as the players are currently making, the NFL players do not want to play 18 games, college players do not want to undergo a rookie wage scale and the only way for the college athletes to keep making NFL money like 50 million a year is for the NFL to go to 18 games and the players do not want that. The players and owners will go broke if a lockout happens. The earliest an 18 game schedule would occur would be in 2012-2013. The NFL would have to give the players 2 bye weeks each in between the first 10 games of the season with 20 weeks of football, cut back on preseason games, and give NFL players healthcare benefits if the regular season does expand to 18 games. The only team that may be in favor of an 18 game schedule is the Detroit Lions because if a team goes 0-18 after the 2008-2009 Detroit Lions went 0-16 Detroit would no longer be considered the worst NFL team of all time. The NHL does not play players that just get drafted if they sit out a year. I’m wondering if every player with a contract in effect would get one year added to their contract because the players will make no money with a lockout.

The bottom line is the NFL has to get a deal done for the owners, players, sports writers, and fans. Otherwise the NFL media will have nothing to talk about and ESPN viewers who watch ESPN will be forced to listen to hype about the Miami Heat and listen to Barry Melrose break down hockey games like he is the Dos Equis Guy AKA “The World’s Most Interesting Man.” As much as I enjoy listening to Barry Melrose when the NHL playoffs start. A deal has to get done for the NFL, because no one wins if there is a lockout.

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